Audionet DNx Endpoint


I would like to integrate my Audionet DNA 2.0 into a Roon-Setup. When is native playing (RAAT) on Audionet devices possible?
Otherwise I would invest some Euros in a HifiBerry to connect my DNA 2.0 via USB.

btw. Roon-Core is working fine on my Synology 1813+ with an extern SSD for the Database…

Regards - Stephan

Hi Stephan,

That’s probably a question best asked of Audionet.

The more Audionet users that ask them, the more likely they will integrate RAAT.

I’m sure RoonLabs would love to colaberate with them.

Hi Carl,

I had seen the “Audionet” Logo with the *remark “coming soon” on the Roon-Labs website…
Perhaps, it is anything in progress?

Regards - Stephan

Hi Carl,

a few minutes ago, I had a call with Thomas Gessler from Audionet.

He said, it would be a challenge for Roon-Labs to integrate the core-functions of Audionet-DNx devices, like source-select and volume-change. So he played the ball back to Roon, that I think there is a long way to go.

Perhaps it would be better for me, to search for an external solution with LAN/USB for my Audionet DNA 2.0? Any recommendation for me without issues in sound quality and loosing bits…?

Regards - Stephan

I don’t think Roon would attempt to integrate the core-functions of AudioNet devices.
Primarily RAAT is a network audio transport, if AudioNet supported it then Roon would be able to “see” the AudioNet device and stream to it; from AudioNet’s view Roon would then be another audio source.

I too can see that AudioNet are on the Roon Partners page, let’s drop a flag for @Danny he may be able to advise you further.

There would appear to be some miscommunication here.

There are no technical limitations with Roon Labs, RAAT, or the Roon Ready SDK, to support the “core functions” of their products.

This is an internal scheduling and development issue for Audionet. They are discussing how and when to implement Roon Ready, but they do not have a schedule for when it will happen and have asked to be removed from the “coming soon” area of our partners section.

You can follow up with them for more information, but in the meantime, there are certainly a number of partner devices you can use to bridge from the network to USB.

Digging up this old thread as im looking to connect the same software (DNx) and Audionet DNA 2.

Does anyone know if this connection works?

My server is a QNAP TS251+ running roonserver. I have both USB and ethernet working to my current Devialet 220 Pro…

I installed Roon on my Synology and connected the NAS via USB to my Audionet DNP - works fine. Volume control needs to be set through DNP , but Roon software recognizes the DNP and its working for me