Audiophile switch and TV Picture

Hi all,
finally I’ve got my Bonn N8 switch and definitely a SQ improvement.
Coming from a Fritzbox the switch does not only feed my Network bridge, but also my TV Set.
When I have a sound improvement in Audio (sufficiently discussed in other threads !) why can’t I see a quality improvement for my TV picture ?
Shouldn’t the improvment be visible in Video as well ?


Might I suggest not because, if it’s working properly, it’s not changing any data flowing through it.

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Well yes, discussed ad nauseam not just in numerous Roon threads, and I’ve yet to see any convincing, comprehensible and reproducible proof, other than verbiage interspersed with mostly inept technical term garnishing.

But now, you can even see it’s not making a difference.
Oh - wait!
Maybe it’s due to your TV just not being resolving enough?


This will not end well.


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gettin’ everything ready for a nice evening…


You need a Taiko TV for $100,000


My wife just confirms the kitchen radio removed all of the veils just with some random audiophile switch being run in another part of the world. I fully trust her.

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I feel sorry for you as you still only have access to their standard line. Custom made Taikos are another league.

I should have known better …
Sorry for opening this thread !
Will never ask such questions again.
Going back to my Cassette recorder, was considered HiFi in the 70s
I’m out and gone…