Audirvana Integration as engine into Roon

Is there a tutorial around how to integrate Audirvana as engine into roon? Roon needs first some coding?

Since my new Yggdrasil DAC hqplayer does not sound as good as before with delta-sigma. Audirvana
sounds much better with -yggdrasil.


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You bought the DAC, use Audirvana. It’s user interface isn’t horrible.

Integration to a macOS only engine doesn’t seem very practical for a multi platform system.


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How’re you connected from PC/MAC to DAC?

Roon’s user interface is far beyond!

The Yggdrasil is connected via usb…Sounds just wonderful.

I think what Evan is going to get to is: You should plug your new DAC into a NAA endpoint and move it away from the rather CPU heavy Roon and HQPlayer.

You called it.

Have you tried just using Roon to the Yggy, no HQPlayer, No audirvana. The Schiit multibit DACs, imho, work and sound the best when you just feed them straight from Roon. No upsampling, No DSP.

I will try it. What i love about audirvana is the support of plugins. I can use my mathaudio room eq plugin within audirvana. Roon only offers convolution.

which is precisely what convolution is intended for.

maybe, but a plugin like math audio room eq simplifies the measurement a lot! no-one needs to become an expert first, to do a good measurement of his room. simply

I agree! Straight from Roon to your DAC is the best option. Why using Audirvana? I don’t get it…

Well, because Audirvana sounds different than Roon - at least in my setup. I mean without upsampling in Audirvana and DSP off in Roon. I am saying different and not better as that is down to personal taste.

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I am one of several who hears a fuller, richer sound quality from A+ compared to Roon 1.5. I run Roon headless on a ST I7, nothing else on that machine. I run A+ on an iMac. Both are connected to my home network router and then through an AQ Vodka ethernet cable to a Vivaldi stack. Roon by far has the best GUI and database management (although there hopefully will be significant improvement in the impending issue of A+ 3.5). I find myself using Roon for research and database management and A+ for playback. I concur with the thread originator that a seamless interface between Roon and A+ would be a solution I could embrace but, just as easily, an improvement to either program’s “deficiencies” would be great. Appreciate others’ experiences and thoughts.


It’s too bad…
But please don’t be worry.
I’m sure, that there soon will come a time when you’ll understand…

I hear the exact same thing as you, fuller, richer sound quality over Roon.

I wonder if you could maybe put that down to A+ using Sox rather than Apple CoreAudio which is what Roon uses? I’m also looking forward to the release of A+ 3.5 and their new UI (hopefully much improved, especially their iPad remote app).

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I don’t use any of the A+ filters, electing to install the dCS Vivaldi filters, so that wouldn’t figure into my experience. Perhaps it’s A+ interface with the iMac, the system optimization.

Are you comparing two technologies that do different things? Or have I missed something? SoX is a resampling algorithm whereas CoreAudio is an audio interface and software framework for Apple devices.

Both Roon and Audirvana provide exclusive access to attached devices. This means Roon (and Audirvana) are passing the audio in a native format to the DAC, e.g. DSD, MQA. In other words, the signal path is bit perfect with DSP is disabled.

Surely, using SoX or (IZotope) is only relevant with sample rate conversion? If you’re using these options in Audirvana this may explain the differences you’re hearing.

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With both Roon and A+ resampling to DSD256 (lately my preference, but not always) or no conversion at all in both programs, A+ wins. I’m just asking the question without knowing why A+ has a much fuller, richer sound to my ears.

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However, my favorite sounds involve Amarra and I’ve tried numerous times to get Amarra sQ+ to work with Roon with mixed results. Any time there’s a resolution change, it ends in tears.

I think Roon’s interface is so far ahead of anyone else that it’s hard to measure but I would love to use a third party output software component and have it be reliable.

Lately, I’ve been using Spotify and their well implemented Spotify Connect capability along with Amarra sQ+ and loving the sound.