Audirvana Studio

Just got this invite by email - any insights on what Audirvana Studio will offer?


I got a similar invite by e-mail inviting to follow the launch on Sunday May 9 at 6 PM (CET) on Facebook.

I don’t use Facebook so I won’t be able to watch the launch live stream.

Limiting a live event to Facebook is … well, limiting, IMO. :wink:



If it is not accessible via “normal” websites, media etc., it is not worth looking into.
Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, AirBNB e.g. are disruptive technologies, bad for societies, communities, businesses (but their own) and people.
No need for those in my life and it is not a limiting factor.


Agreed. Deleted my FB account many years ago and have never looked back (just like with Twitter more recently) - no clue why they would host such an “event” on FB.

In any case, I will await for their PR after the thing is announced. But I must insist: it would save me a lot of hassle if Roon just integrated HRA Streaming as well - then I would have no need for Audirvana anymore.

They have stated that the presentation will also be available via YouTube asap. (If that is also a suitable medium according to some of you :crazy_face:

Not really; but at least one is not required to sign into Google in order to watch YT videos.


My retort, which was only a caricature of your emotional style, was removed by the censorship.
Well, let me put it seriously: statements (like this one) directed against a competing product indirectly undermine Roon’s position.
People who loves music are boad-minded and sensitive and pick up the nuances…

Nope, but I also got the email. I used Audirvana for quite a few years before Roon, and wouldn’t go back, but I’ll be interested to see what they’ve come up with.

Studio itself will be available May 16. There is an almost one hour video on YouTube discussing it.

Even though I’m a Roon Lifetime Subscriber, I will try Audirvana Studio for a month or two. If it gives me a better experience, I will probably ditch Roon, at least until v1.9.

I completely agree with @PeterD here! I avoid A, never had an account with Fb and Tw. Uber and AirBNB? No thanks!

Funny, same for me. I got the invite for the Facebook event. Though I’m interested in the launch, I did not watch, because it’s a FB event…
I fail to understand why a company would want to do a product launch via FB. There are so many other (better) options out there.

I watched some of the launch video on YouTube.
What a waste of time.
Why didn’t they just demo the user interface, and speak about the technology behind it.

The launch was not well thought through in my mind. Very awkward.


Impressive that Audirvana have native Mac M1 support.

I doubt I’d ever subscribe, but would be interested in your thoughts on Audirvana Studio performance. I use Audirvana as a backup program to Roon and JRMC. $70/year would not be an issue if it did something better than Roon, or had something new to offer.

Roon is effectively gratis for me now at the five plus year lifetime subscription mark.

Same here, I have a lifetime license that I purchased couple days ago after a year with subscription, before I knew about Audirvana Studio. I was a bit concerned that I might have rushed the purchase, but I can’t find anything that Audirvana would offer over Roon (putting UI / personal-preference stuff aside) except HRA streaming support and I find quite a few things where Roon is better or just more robust (like ROCK, endpoint support). I’m curious about the kernel streaming, but don’t expect it to be any better than Roon’s RAAT - I mean if that is bit-perfect already, it can’t be improved really.

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Why not make the presentation available on their own website? Limited bandwidth capabilities?
The FB approach made me think: Aged ppl have much money and can pay for premium music services->only aged ppl still use FB->lets target aged ppl on FB :slight_smile:
No offense, I am oldish myself but I feel no need to use FB and I wish there was a paid version of Instagram without annoying ads.

I see scads of young people on PB. Maybe they are all in the U.S.??

Yeah, that was just weird. But I’m struggling to understand what audience are they targeting with this. So far it does not look like it will do anything better than Roon. Maybe some people will subscribe due to the HRA streaming support, but that’s pretty small audience. The only thing that comes to my mind is new users who have their stuff connected to PC and streaming from that directly, or people who don’t require endpoints support, ROCK and the whole ecosystem, but that seems like a rather small audience as well to me. Maybe they just want to force their existing customers into a subscription model with the added value of integration with streaming services, but the feedback from existing customers seems quite negative about that so far. If they want to compete with Roon seriously, I think they will need to do much better.

Well, there’s UPnP if that’s important… otherwise, $6.99 vs. $9.99/m suddenly makes Roon look like good value given the interface and RAAT - not that I’ve seen Studio yet.