Audyssey multeq xt32 editor app

For those with receivers or preamps using audyssey multeq xt32, have you tried the audyssey multeq xt32 app?

Its a potent addition for more control over the speaker setup and room correction. Available from the APP and Play stores for $20. I’d read about it but it was several years before I decided to give it a try.

The App running on my IPAD Pro 12.9 gets the speaker configuration from the receiver and controls the process while connected over the network with the MIC connected to the receiver. The process is pretty much the same with the Ipad displaying the activities but the process takes a little longer with the push/pull network communications. I expected to see the same results I’d previously noted on the receiver, and the distances were similar, but the levels and crossover settings were different. For whatever reason it does a much better job with the subs.

After the initial setup the configuration is stored in the app and accessible anytime without disrupting whatever is playing on the sound system. Make a copy, make changes, then the actual upload to the receiver/preamp takes less than a minute. Don’t like the changes, then upload the original, another minute and your back where you were.

I guess the bottom line here is you have a much better view of the results, easier access to the configuration setup and more options for controlling the output.

The only down side for me, the 3rd gen IPAD was perfect as a dedicated Roon Remote, but now I’m using it to crunch data with lots of calculation. I want the latest model with the M.2 processing power that is 75% faster than mine.

Had some time to work on the Audyssey setup using the app.

Started out repositioning the front speakers. I had them pointed, toed in, directly at my wife’s recliner. I’m deaf on the right side and her recliner is to the left of mine. By setting up the system with her chair as the optimum seat its all right there on my good hearing side. Decided to toe out the speakers so the right speaker is angled to the outside of my seat on the right and the left speaker angled to the outside of her chair on the left. Much wider angle. Guessing that widens the sound stage, as I’ve heard/read it called.

Also tweaked the sub volume, turned down slightly. Audyssey SUB EQ had been setting DB at -6 to -12. Sounded good but with the weaker signal the subs didn’t come on automatically right away and sometimes I’d listen to one or two tracks before they sensed the signal. With the sub volume set lower Audyssey set the db’s at -1 for the front and +1 for the rear. The subs sense the stronger signal much quicker and come on almost immediately. Also found out the Audyssey SUB EQ doesn’t set the exact distance to the sub but instead accounts for the delay in time for the sub amplification. Good to know so I quit messing with the distance settings.

The OPPO 205 SACD player and the S88 DAC are connected to the 7.1 analog inputs on the receiver and don’t have the benefit of the speaker setup or Room Correction. But each device has its on internal speaker setup. Used the same settings from Audyssey for size (small for bass management), distance, and DB’s in the OPPO setup and the DB setting in the S88 DAC (distance and size not available). By using that setup, -5.5 db’s for front and -2 for the rear and leaving the LFE at 0.0 the sound is very nice. With multi-channel music there is more sound from the rear speakers and subs and from the seating positions its more impactful.

Nice to have improvements without spending more money. Except for the $20 for the Editor app.