Auralic Aries G2 / Vega G2 & McIntosh C49

Has anyone tried it? Music library on Qnap. Roon via Auralic Vega G2 ballanced connection to McIntosh C49 (path: Qnap / Aries G2 / Vega G2 / MC49). Is this a good idea (also for the future, which more DSD256 and 512 brings). I’m thinking about it and would like to know some opinions…

What are you looking to get feedback on, more precisely? :slight_smile:
The QNAP needs to be pretty powerful to run Roon Server duties but other than that the playback chain will most likely work perfectly, given good network connectivity. Whether the Aries and/or McIntosh sounds to one’s liking is more a matter of taste I suppose. (I’d probably like the sounds they would make!)

Ok, I haven’t mentioned MacMini (i5 unfortunetly, not i7). Now I’m using the path: server with library - MacMini (Roon Core) - Oppo205 (via USB) - McIntosh (XLR). I installed on MacMini HQPlayer and … it sucks. I want to put out the MacMini with HQPlayer from the system (I want to use it in the future for CD-ripping and for managing the Music library on Qnap. I also want to add better Dac (considering between Auralic Vega G2 / Chord Hugo TT2 with upgrade possibilities Aries G2 / Sirius / Vega G2 or Chord MScaler - or perhaps MSB Discrete DAC without upsampler) and I want to ensure myself, if I’m planning the path correctly: Music Library on Qnap with MacMini only for ripping / managing - Auralic Aries G2 / Sirius / Vega G2 combo or Chord M Scaler / Hugo TT2 combo or MSB Discrete DAC as Roon device (connected to Roon Mobile on iPad) - McIntosh. Sorry for ignorance, but the more I read from Roon, Auralic, Chord, MSB or McIntosh web sites, the more questions I have.

:smiley:Yeah, I agree things have too many options these days.
But, why the Mac C49 if you are not intent on using its pretty decent DAC section? (I haven’t heard it, but It seem funny if it wouldn’t perform nicely enough?)

Further on, to me HQ Player might be a useful add-on if you are into NOS DACs or other chip based things that benefit from upsampling, none of my separate DACs do…

Besides, you are not telling where you are planning on hosting your Core, but in the scenario you describe, the Core can only be on the QNAP. What QNAP NAS are you using/planning for?

Now it’s MX122. C49 is ordered, but hasn’t come yet. C49 is upgrade to MX122 - I’m also changing power amp from Primare A30.2 to MC462 (also ordered, but hasn’t come yet). I want to put away stereo and video audio from each other and to have quad ballanced analog path and MX122 hasn’t it - C49 is the Solution. MX122 works fine with pass through via C49 and with MC205 for other canals. My Hi-Fi seller said, that if I’m planning to use McIntosh on board DAC, … I should plan further and till then stay with my Oppo onboard DAC.
I would like to have Roon Core on Auralic / Chord / MSB - or any other hardware, which will be worth of considering.
My Qnap is TS-453BT3.
Is it better in Your opinion to forget about Auralic / Chord / MSB or any other separate DAC / streamer, to uninstall HQ Player and to stop on MacMini (Roon Core) - C49 combo? What about my DSD’s from HD Tracks? I know, that now it’s DSD 64 / 128, but what about future?

I’d continue using the Mac as a Core for starters. If you enjoy what HQPlayer does together with the C49 later, i’d consider letting the MacMini do HQPlayer duties.

The QNAP is under-specced according to Roon recommendations but i have built Roon Cores for friends based on the same processor and it works flawlessly, unless you desire DSD upsampling to more than DSD256 or several zones simultaneously.
The QNAP has support for m.2 SSD where the Roon DB can reside. The MacMini should be able to do reasonable upsampling as a HQPlayer host and by spreading the load i think this might be a great solution with a limited cost.

The streamers you mention cannot host a Roon Server, but work great as Roon Ready network bridges and will sound great!

Step by step also.
First C49 & MacMini - and than, we’ll see.
Perhaps till then Auralic will be not only RoonReady - I’ve read, they are working on it.
Should I, in Your opinion, replace i5MacMini with i7MacMini (for better HQPlayer duties)?

Sorry Gustaw, i have very little experience with HQPlayer. However, my trials with my MacMini i5(mid2011) showed no issues. It all depends on the desired algorithms and samplerates.
We can ping @jussi_laako for some expert advice!

Thanks for help. I have sent to him short question in PM.

You’ll need windows to get more than DSD128 to the McIntosh and Vega G2 from HQplayer. macOS can only do DOP.

This is also one of the reasons, why I want to replace MacMini with streamer, that will be able to work with higher res as Roon Core and then connect it to dac. But I don’t know, what streamer to add. I don’t want to use Windows. Are there any new info from Auralic & Roon about Aries G2?

The streamer still needs to be able to do native dsd with the DAC. Not all USB chips used by DACs have drivers compiled into Linux based streamers. McIntosh is definitely a no go, I have a C47.

Only windows guarantees success with HQPlayer.

If you use Roon upsampling, the Vega 2 should work as it is a roon ready network endpoint as well.

I think, that Auralic combo (Aries G2 - Sirius - Vega G2 - Leo) could be the best solution ever - for the future. I hope, that there will be the possibility to use Aries G2 as Roon Core.

Till then - DSD128 must be enough… :slight_smile:

Aries G2 won’t be a core, it doesn’t have enough power. It also isn’t a NAA for HQPlayer.

I have one it’s a great Roon endpoint. If you are getting the Vega G2 I’d pass on the Aries as it isn’t needed.

And Your Roon Endpoint is …
I hope, not a Dell PC with Windows …

By the way, I still consider between Auralic Vega G2, Chord Hugo TT2 or MSB Discrete DAC with Ethernet and USB Pro connection…

I said I have an Aries G2 as a Roon endpoint.

I run Mock Rock server.

And do You use Your Aries G2 with C47 without any other DAC between them? How does it works?

I don’t like the DAC in the C47 to be honest. A little bloated in the bass and strident up top.

I use a Yggdrasil A2 now.

If you go with a Vega G2, and you are using Roon to do all your playback management, their is absolutely ZERO reason to also get an Aries G2. The Vega G2 works just fine as a Roon endpoint on its own, as Roon will perform all the same “heavy lifting” tasks that the Aries G2 might have done.

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But how to get the MacMini as RoonCore out of the system? I have Qnap server for Music library and LaCie as backup - they don’t have enough power to run Roon (with or without HQPlayer) and IDon’t want to buy the third server only as RoonCore. I don’t want also to buy Windows PC. What option do I have? Sonic Transporter i7 for both Roon and HQ Player + Rendu (or other streamer) + DAC (Vega G2 / Hugo TT2 / MSB Discrete - without separate upsampler? Or Roon Nucleus+? Help please. :slight_smile: