Auralic Aries Mini?


My plan for tomorrow was to go and buy an Auralic Aries Mini. But then I noticed that they have shut down the Android version of Lightning DS… Since I am a Android guy that isn’t good. And if they can’t manage to provide a decent Android version, my confidence in them making a stable implementation of Roon very low…

I tried to sideload the latest apk on my Nexus 7, but it crashed on startup.

So I don’t dare to buy the product, since I can’t be certain that I can control it.

What options do I have? Just wait and see what happens?

It sounds like you’ve answered you’re own question. I would not get the mini personally. If you want a streamer, go buy a used SB Touch with EDO update,

Thanks for that… I had no idea that Android was no longer supported. I was close to purchase, but now the Auralic Aries is off of my list.

Yeah, it is a mystery! And since Roon demands a newer 64 bit iPad it gets a little bit too expensive, because I am searching for a solution for my second system (DIY). I will check out SB Touch, but I think I may choose the Intel NUC solution with a HiFace Two in the end.

Hi Jesper, I assume you know that Roon also runs on Android … that might help you.

Jesper - as it stands today, Aries Mini is just another AirPlay device to Roon, with all the limitations that implies. So you can get the same functionality (and possibly the same sonics) out of any Apple Airport device. Cheaper too.

But if you must have high bit rates and DSD support, Rugby’s used Squeezebox is the easiest option. Or if you are a little comfortable with DIY Linux solution, you can build a device with Squeezebox functionality for peanuts, and Roon works great with them.

Yeah, what I really want is an headless endpoint. As it is now I think I’ll wait to see what happens with Roon Speaker or if The Auralic folks actually manages to get their device roon ready. Linux is not an option, don’t like it. :smile:

So propably a Windows 10 NUC is the way to go in a month or two, depending on when Roon Speaker is ready…

A Windows 10 NUC works as an endpoint now. No need to wait. It can run RoonServer and output to USB. That’s what I did, but later elected to move my NUC out of my audio rack. That meant that - like yourself - I was in need of a networked endpoint. So in your case (waiting on “RoonReady” devices), you could have the NUC there now, and replace it with a RoonReady device, if so inclined, when they hit the market (hopefully soon).

This is for my secondary rig. I already have a Mac mini with Windows 10 working as server and endpoint in my main rig.

And no RoonReady for the Aries Mini… Surprising… Not!

Jesper - I run the risk of being accused of pushing a product (that I have no connection with), but a new product appears to have come out that might be just what you need.

Take a look at this. For an explanation, look here.

Pretty sweet little device, and with it emulating a Squeezebox, it’s a cheaper alternative to the Aries mini AND has an LPS, which the stock mini does not. Much less expensive, and - I’m guessing - a close sonic equivalent.

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A fairly definitive quote from Mr. Wang, reported in John Darko’s Auralic at Munich article:

At the opposite end of the certainty spectrum Wang states, “Roon Ready will never, ever, EVER come to the Aries Mini.”

I’m not sure why Auralic think this will help their business.

I see they are also considering an upgraded Aries. Be interesting to see if they include an HQP NAA.

Well, that makes no sense… But I bought a AsusT100HA, and connected my HiFace Two to it and connected that to my DAC. Works really good! Since the computer is fanless I leave it on always, and mostly control the music with my Android Phone.

That’s it.
My Aries Mini (HiRes via Airplay sucked big time) has been replaced by a CuBox and I will hand it over to my father for he will try it as a qobuz streaming client. If he doesn’t like it, it will be up on eBay.

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