Auralic New beta firmware 5.0 support "in house" MQA decoding, web browser interface and RoonReady for Aries Mini

Guys, just updated my Aries Mini to beta firmware 5.0. Here are some snap shots…

  1. Full MQA decoding(8x decode) up to 352.8/384k via Tidal Master streaming.

  2. Limited support for web browser interface for settings only. No music control!

  3. Re-sampler DSP (actually it is down-sampler for Aries Mini). Interesting, Aries can actually playback beyond DSD512 and up to DSD1024!

  4. Finally, Aries Mini is RoonReady!

Folks, so far for now, I will post to see I’ll will able hear any difference between (1) vs Tidal app MQA decoding.

More info…


Be aware that this is not MQA decoding it is something Auralic have developed that they are doing with MQA files.

Add MQA decoding support.Note: The MQA decoding method integrated by all AURALiC streaming device is solely developed by AURALiC using AURALiC’s proprietary resampling and de-blurring method. This process is not an MQA-created or MQA-licensed process.
End Quote

though I suggest everyone to wait for at least next beta (or avoid betas tout-court) as so far:

  • Aries doesn’t scan my NAS share anymore so its music library is empty
  • there’s some “static noise” now and then when using it as RoonReady output device


They didn’t shout MQA from the rooftop with this beta release and they were at pains to state it is an unsanctioned option. Something able to recognise and process an MQA encoded file is not ‘full MQA decoding’ so I might change the title of the thread.

The one million dollar question: how does it sound?

Roon and Tidal app are playback on same i5 NUC (reference playback system) Auralic Aries Mini (Room desktop) updated to beta 5.0 firmware. Both are connected to same external DAC via USB. My reference system setup: Holo Spring R2R DAC, pre and power monoblocks are VTL TL-2.5i and VTL MB-125 driving a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.8Mk2 floor standing speakers. Switching between Tidal app and Auralic, I’ve hard time telling difference, both have almost same identical signature. In Aries Mini, I can force 2x decoding to match Tidal app.

I can say Auralic does indeed do a good job here. If you have a Auralic Aries, give a try and hear for yourself. After all you don’t have to folk up any money to that. Now I’m waiting for Roon for MQA playback…

I have just bought an Aries Mini and it automatically updated to firmware 5.0.
How do I use Roon on the Mini? Do I have to use a PC running the Roon sofware or can it be done without a PC?



If you intent to use Roon, it needs to run on a PC, then Aries Mini will work as a endpoint. You need to enable Roon Ready in Aries Mini before Roon can detect it.

Or on a MAC or NAS (QNAP, Synology) or a “Roonready server” like the Nucleus, Elac discovery etc.

Thank you. I’ll try it with a NAS.

I have an Aries with firmware 5.1
It is connected through usb to a Lyngdorf tdai 2170.
How can i see what the Aries is doing with MQA?
The display on the tdai is not confirming any unfolding of the MQA file. It just tells the folded data ie. 24/44,1
Any thoughts?

If you use Aries as endpoint, Roon will just pass through undecode MQA. I’m not sure as an endpoint, it will decode MQA. The only way to see is your DAC displayed a higher sampling frequencies other than 44.1KHz/48kHz. If it does, Aries(endpoint) is decoding MQA.

Update: Just tried on my Aries Mini as endpoint, unfortunately, it can’t decode back MQA

I’ve just got my Aries mini today. How do you update to firmware 5.0? There’s no prompt for me to update.

Firmware 5 is beta. You need to subscribe for the beta first.

Thanks. Problem solved! Unplugged Aries and after booting Roon appears in settings (5.1)