Aurender & Roon, We Can't Be Friends? We can

Interesting… but perhaps I’m dense… what problem does this solve? Somehow piping tidal into hqp? Doesn’t roon already do that? (I’ve never tried hqp).


@Traian_Boldea Interesting. I also I’m not sure how black hole helps if one is running Roon either alone, or with HQPlayer.

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I have some music on Spotify or on YouTube not available on tidal (so not available in my roon)

Two. For example (I did not try) you could try to see how does tidal connect compare to roon on your favourite streamer. So same case with tidal app vs roon on computer. Following my logic there is no difference. But some people like to challenge logic

One. Try HQP :slight_smile: But do not expect to like it from the first go. I’m using roon from about a year ago. In this time I have tried HQP in about 3 times (couple of days every time) only last December I had the “Ha, eureka” moment


I agree…

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Yes, indeed, the major stumbling block is Aurender‘s Conductor app. Way, way behind what modern software is about. Not bad, but not competitive enough!

Perhaps you look into Auralic? Quite some time ago I had an Auralic G1 on loan. Their own Lightning app was good, though not Roon‘s level. But the sound was very good.


You could look at Innuos Zen range there Sense app is very nice by looks of it and does include Qobuz into your library but not as deep as Roons for integration editing etc.

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Thanks for the suggestions. As much as I complain about Roon, this expensive wander to see if the grass is indeed greener has only serve to clarify how great Roon is.

Yes, chasing after every last drop of sound quality is, in part, what we audiophiles do. This experience with Conductor has defined boundaries to just how far I’m willing to go.

I have understanding about the plight of these small audio companies. They lack the resources or skill to create software that competes with the suddenly much higher raised bar set by Roon.

I can’t imagine paying $30K for a top of the line Aurender and having Conductor as my only software choice. Conductor is literally a $50 piece of software in terms of functional quality. After one week I dreaded turning the Aurender on!

That’s why Roon continues its successful Borg like march of assimilation.

I will only buy a music server that is Roon Ready. Auralic, Lumin, Innuos and HiFi Rose are on the list.

Aurender will be adding Roon, but who knows how long that will take. If Hegel is any indication, could be several years at the earliest.

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I replaced an Aurender N100H with a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra and made the switch from Conductor to Roon in the process. In both cases I am using the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 with LPS and the DAC is the same PS AUdio Gain Cell - to my ears I am enjoying better sound and greater features including multi room to another streamer in the kitchen. The Aurender was great but the sound is more solid now with better defined low end and greater vocal presence / improved midrange.

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Add Antipodes to your list to review.
I have now owned two Antipodes servers, Roon Ready and much more if needed.
Well worth your time to look into.
My current setup is S30/20/60 Set.
I use the S30 as Roon Core, Server and Player.
Plug and Play and set and forget


Great suggestions, thanks.

The difference between Roon and Conductor is like the difference between a BMW 760i and a Ford Taurus. The best that can be said is both will get you to the grocery store, but the similarities stop there :grinning:

Would it be correct to say that Black Hole could be used to connect Apple Music or Amazon Music to Roon via the Black Hole endpoint? Is that how it works?

Not to roon, it is for HQP
It can connect anything on computer to the imput of HQP, thru default core audio or thru direct app connection (like tidal connect)

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Here’s an ironic update to my saga.

To review, bought a Marantz SACD 30n and was so impressed with the sound of physical discs that I ditched my complex Roon/ HQPLAYER rig entirely.

Got the Aurender in hopes it would provide adequate music server sound quality, which it did. But the Byzantine Conductor app highlighted how much I was losing with Roon’s exit. Due to irreconcilable differences, the Aurender was returned.

As part of the Aurender audition I bought a Curious Evolved 0.8 meter usb cable ($550 new) for $300 used. Since it can’t be returned, I’ve been experimenting with it and the ZenStream.

Spent time playing with various HQPlayer settings and tossed in a W4S RUR, and gave it a listen.

Now the Roon rig sounds extremely good. Very, very close to my physical disc setup. So close as leaving no room for complaint. The upgrade from a Supra usb to the Curious Evolved and adding the reclocker really elevated the sound.

The crazy priced Curious Evolved, which I did not buy for Roon, has ironically and surprisingly saved Roon!

So impressed that a Sonic Transporter has moved to the top of my Roon server list as it can run Roon and HQPlayer.

In a very roundabout way, the Aurender did fix my long held Roon issues.

Once in awhile we get shown the light in the strangest of places if we look at it right :face_with_peeking_eye: