Authorization limit when connecting remote

@support Suddenly, I’m having issues getting onto the Roon remote app on both my android phone and ios ipad. It keeps indicating that I’m only allowed to authorize 1 device to manage my library. When I select ‘Oops, I meant to run as a remote control’, it takes me to where I select my server. When I select my core, I’m brought back to the same Authorization error page.

I’m running Roon Core (intel nuc) and remote versions 1.4. Some troubleshooting steps I’ve taken so far:

  • restarted the server
  • uninstalled and reinstalled the applications
  • upgraded server software

Thanks in advance for the help!

The system thinks you have had two cores running. It wants you to confirm the core you have up at that moment is the right one.

Try restarting the core.

Update: I was able to resolve this by unauthorizing my Core and then reselecting it. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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