Authorizing a new core

I first started using Roon with a Windows PC,Windows 11, Core i5 650@320 Ghz. With a Hegel HD25 DAC vie USB.

Than I sfifted to a separate MSI celeron mini pc as core and two different players one Bluesound Node 2 player and some other player connected to Hegel HD25 DAC connected via optical and coaxial.

I use Tidal and Qobuz, have more than 30 playlists and 50.000 tracks.

My question is: When I tried to deauthorize my MSI and set my i5 pc as core again it says there has been a problem with downloading my lists, songs etc.

When I switch to MSI again everything is fine.

Why can’t I change core ?

You can but you might have to restore a backup of your database to the old (now new) i5 core.

A celeron is a pretty poor core - maybe you found this out the hard way?

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Hey @Can_Kadirgan, thanks for taking the time to share the issue you’ve been experiencing. Sorry to hear this!

@wizardofoz made a great point - you’ll want to compare your device to the Roon Requirements to ensure it can work properly with Roon.

I’ll also recommend that you take a look at our Migration Guide for more information on how to switch between Core devices.

:pray:t3: I hope that helps!

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