Authorizing/unauthorizing a "core"

I have a question re “authorizing/un-authorizing a “core”.

A few months ago I purchased an AIO (All in One) music server/renderer (Antipodes CX) and set it up as a Roon “core” unit.

The same manufacturer has a companion AIO music server/renderer (Antipodes EX) which they feel excels at the renderer function. For the ultimate in performance Antipodes suggests running the CX as the server and the EX as the renderer.

I recently bought the EX and installed it in my system. When I did the set-up for the EX the Roon software asked me to de-authorize the CX as “core”. I did so and all is working fine.

I am giving the EX a few days burn in time before contacting the manufacturer to do a remote log-in support session wherein they configure the two units for best performance.

My question is how do I “reauthorize" the CX as the core unit?

Is this something done in a matter of minutes when I reattach the CX to my network or do I need some advance tech support from Roon?

Basically I want to have the CX up and running as a “core” prior to my remote support session with the manufacturer.


It should take a matter of seconds. I have two Roon cores (one in a second home). When I turn up to the second one I merely point my Roon iPad app at the second core and deauthorize the first remotely.

All it needs is your login and password.

Hello @Edward_Gonzalez,

Reauthorizing a core is as simple as logging in again. Upon logging in Roon will provide a popup window asking you if you want to de-authorize the previous core and authorize the current one, this process should be relatively quick and should only take a couple of minutes at most.

There should also be the option of choosing to run the Antipodes EX as a Roon Remote and keep your Core as the CX. If using this configuration, you will keep the EX only as a renderer (Roon Remote) while the CX remains the Core. Hope this explanation helps but do let me know if you have any other questions.


Thats the beauty of Roon …a wealth of helpful resources from the community as well as timely tech support.

Guess I overthought the issue and made it more complicated than it is. Will follows your suggestions. Thanks!