Auto L/R Balance check / reset on macOS

This isn’t a Roon issue at all but there is a bug on macOS that has been around since 10.2 or so - whenever you switch audio output devices the balance can randomly drift over to the left or to the right. This has been driving me crazy for a long time.

I finally did some googling and there is no fix.But an app exists called Balance Lock that has finally saved my sanity. Every week or so I’d been having to reset the balance in system preferences.

Be cool if this sort of thing could be added to Roon. I suspect it’s only affecting USB sound devices, like my Kef X300A’s. Either a switch to totally ignore the system prefernces (if possible) or build in a reset / option to reset.


Hi @John_Burn
I have recently got this “problems” suddenly I have had no sound on my left side!
First did I checked my cables but no problems with them!
I have noticed finally if I change my up sample, so comes it back, but I’m not using Mac! I use Windows 7?
So does this app that you have installed works or is available for Windows?
But I’m into the same thing as you, that it’s a bug or issue with the new version of Roon and over the USB!

All the best

The bug actually affects any audio device and not just usb when they’re unplugged and reconnected, the balance can drift (will drift in my case).

But this is a specific macOS bug and nothing to do with Roon, I suspoect Roon should be able to check the balance and ensure it’s set to whatever you’d like.

Maybe windows has the same type of bug.


Hi @John_Burn
I use Windows 7 and I have had this problem for a while now!
It’s a XXXX because I first thought it was my cables from my DAC to the amp or my speaker cables!
So I was checking those crawling around on my knees and after a while I was totally wet, and tiered!
And of a mistake I changed my up sample from 96 kHz to 192 kHz and the sound was back in both my speakers!
So when it happens I just switch sample frequency, some days it doesn’t happens and other days it’s happens 2-3 times!
It’s must be a bug that has come in version 242 or 247!
@John_Burn have you had any problems with dropouts and stops when your using Roon lately?
Because it’s something that also has started and there’s a thread about that here Continue Dropout

Best regards