Auto scanning music folder - stopped

I’m new so maybe I don’t understand how scanning of a music folder is supposed to work.

  1. added a music folder - USB3 drive, locally
    every time I added albums to folders within the music folder, roon scanned and added to library. This was over a few days

  2. coupe days later I added some more albums.
    they did not show up in roon. even when I manually forced a rescan on the folder.

  • could always browse the folder via Windows explorer
  1. ended up unloading and reloading roon. Then it scanned and added the albums

thats not what I was used to or expecting

Windows 10 pro
Machine is left on

Thanks Joe


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core system:
i3 - 8 GB ram/ 512 GB SSD
USB3- 4 TB disk x qty 6
Windows 10 - Pro
up to date patches
roon 1.7 build 710 installed 10 days ago

only runs roon

Hard wired 1GB - 24 port
Google Wifi network

sonos - 5 amps / speaker sets
bluos node 2i

using Tidal as streaming service

everything is irrelevant as:

RDP to roon core server to add files
Android - Pixel 3 - could not see new files added either
add files to watched folder
the files are not added to the roon library

had to unload roon
then reload roon

once I did this it could see new file being added/scanned

only roon related as of course files were available via file explorer
moving back and forth with file explorer showed files
windows machine is always on
set not go to sleep

happened one time in 7 days -

thanks Joe

Hello @joe_comeau, and welcome to the community! Do you have any files showing up in skipped files?

well, I didn’t know skipped files exists

One folder - was in here
removed a couple 0 byte sized files and rescanned


there was about 10 albums that didn’t get scanned
Was that because this one album, caused the scanning to stop?

A restart of roon - basically a forced rescan of the folder then?

Are there any odd characters in file or folder names , accents etc

no odd characters

just two 0 byte files
I erased them
then roon scanned in the last folder

then it removed the items from the skipped file list

thanks for your help

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Hello @joe_comeau, everything working alright now?