Auto-tune is a total debacle; prove me wrong


Have you ever seen Bublé live? He definitely CAN sing (i.e. no pitch problems/good timing on stage)…

(Went to one of his concerts a couple of years ago - with my old man, who loves this type of music. Bublé was surprisingly good…)

(Martin Kelly) #42

I loved Milli Vanilli. Great tunes!
They definitely deserved their Grammy.

(Robert Huskey) #43

Hear! Hear! I, too, find autotuned voices acutely unpleasant. I avoid pop because of it. If a singer can’t be on pitch, quit singing FFS! Controlling pitch is a basic and essential part of being a singer. If you can’t do it, you’re not a singer. Don’t record until you can control your pitch.
Some instances of AutoTune as a deliberate distortion choice for specific intentional aesthetic reasons could be OK. But as a correction for lack of talent, it is an abomination.

(Rudi) #44

Out of curiosity I cued up bublé! (the Qobuz 24/48, not the Tidal MQA), and I have to agree that the auto tune totally ruins the album. Nothing to do with MQA though.
Now if Bublé could muster the courage to do without auto tune, things might improve, as his phrasing is actually not too bad.
But as long as he uses it, it really sounds like an artificially generated voice.

(mark spilberg) #45

I am pro MQA, and in my opinion Tidal works great, just feel they need double or triple there quantity of HIGH Resolution titles, as it stands, I believe there is one other company that has more. The end results may be better on Tidal, due to there use of MQA, but having more titles is going to always be desirable.

(mark spilberg) #46

Also some albums that were released on SACD, never made it to title, which in my eyes is a mistake. Take Steely Dan AJA, the SACD copy of that album is stellar, and sounds much better than whats on Tidal. The Royal Scam, same scenario, not sure what is keeping them from updating there catalog, but we need more SACD, BLURAY disk, hires copies of albums that were recorded superbly to begin with.

Please all Tidal supporters join me in this request for more albums to be added to the catalog in hi-res, the original master is what determines the quality of the playback in the end, so lets have more good ones. Thank you !!!

(mark spilberg) #47

Autotune, sucks, its for people that are unable to sing on key, or in a choir in the first place, imperfections here and there are ok, its what makes it human. I don’t want a drum machine, a sequenced track should be a last resort, and the best way to enjoy r&b, jazz, rock, soul, etc… is with a life band that has a kick ass rhythm section.

(Christopher Rieke) #48

What about Bon Iver’s “715 - CR∑∑KS” from the Album “22, A Million”?
(It’s pure AutoTune and I have to admit, I really love it!)

(Andrew Cox) #49

Thanks Christopher,

That’s the third suggestion so I’ll check it out and see if I have to change my tiny closed mind.

(Jan) #50

Well, some definitely need autotune. Don’t know if autotune would be able to save this :grinning:
This apple fell far from the tree…

(Mr Fix It ) #51

aaaaargggg my ears my ears :hear_no_evil:

(Christopher Rieke) #52

On second thought: My suggestion was actually vocoder sound, which is technically also always auto-tuned. I am unsure if it counts as a valid suggestion.

(Henrik Richter Schie) #53

Use it wisely and auto-tune is a great instrument just like any other instrument… and just like any other instrument, it can be horrible when used badly.

Singers and bands alike Lambchop, Bon Iver, Kanye West, Future, James Blake, Frank Ocean, and sooo many others use it with great artistic feel.


The worst Lampchop albums are the last two for my ears. Both use autotune.


Warner Music Group completely disagrees with you, and totally didn’t have this video that criticises over-production removed from youtube just because they don’t like people criticising over-production.

(Chris ) #56

Loved that guys passion. Luckily for me, I get to see lots of great live music played by real musicians and spend little time in the main stream.

(Henry) #57

Nah, he is an opinionated dick who fails to appreciate that ‘fair use’ is a concept in US law and doesn’t apply to the rest of the world which YouTube also serves. And I don’t like his teeshirt!

(Dick Vliek) #58

Dont use my name in vain please :wink:


I personally love T-Pain with autotune. He uses it creatively in a way that just works. On others, not a fan.