Auto Update not working

I m not able to update to 2.0

Is your mac on and running? I’m asking the Roon on it for logs but not getting an answer…

maybe DNS issues?

Hi @Dilip_Sreshta,

Thank you for bringing your issue to our attention. I’ve taken a look at diagnostics and it appears that you’ve successfully updated to 2.0. As Danny mentioned, there may be some connectivity issues that led to the initially reported issue as my additional diagnostics requests are not being acknowledged.
Here are some potential causes:

  1. DNS issues:

You can test this by setting your DNS to Google’s. and Doing this may even resolve other issues you might be having.

  1. Multiple network interfaces in play:

I’ve had issues with routing and connectivity on MacOS AND Windows when I am connected via LAN with Wi-Fi enabled and connected at the same time.

  1. Firewalls and anti-virus:

This article will provide you with the exceptions that may be necessary for firewalls. Additional exceptions may be necessary with certain anti-virus solutions as well.

Please let me know if you still need assistance. I’m monitoring our thread and stand by to assist you!


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