Automated Database Corruption Repair

ROON’s database is often corrupted and the solution offered by ROON is to go to the server find the core. Use the %localappdatat% rename the database (the directions supplied by ROON can only be found if a search with certain key words is issued and there are different obscure directions depending if one uses RoonServer, ROON, etc. Just try to find the directions, It is a pain.)

I backup my files weekly automatically to both a Dropbox site and a local drive. Preferably don’t use or depend on the Dropbox to restore as it can take several days depending on the size of the library.

I also have two battery backups for my PC running Roonserver to prevent disasters. But during a power grid problem the database still gets corrupted and ROON won’t work.

This is a known fault of ROON that has never been addressed. Maybe there is no way to prevent it? I don’t know. I’m not a ROON programmer.

But there should be a simple fix for this. I should simply be able to go to Settings, click on Restore Corrupt Database” Yes/No to confirm,

Then, Restore from latest backup? Yes/No?

The ROON user should then be done with the whole process. Except of course waiting for the database to be restored.

I think with a little clever programming ROON should be able to detect this issue perform its “Due Process” and the ROON User should not have to be concerned at all.

I’ve many horrible experiences with this since purchasing my Lifetime license when ROON first appeared.

This is a known fault of ROON, and it should be a non issue.

Nothing like coming home after a long week’s work, clicking on ROON to listen to some tunes and be greeted with,

There was a problem loading ROON. ROON can’t find its database. Don’t worry the Wizards of ROON are there to help. It’s something to that effect.

At the very least a clear, fabulously written instructions should appear then to explain how to repair the problem.

I’d suggest instead. “ While you were out, ROON experienced a corrupted database. As a result repairs were made and you can continue your great ROON experience.” Enjoy your evening.

One other helpful idea. While the database is loading, again. . . Please allow one to continue to use Quboz and Tidal while ROON is busy restoring the database. At least we could listen to something instead of having to start Lightening DS or jRiver.

While I’m wishing!

What about a ROON uninstall command that roots out all the hidden and unbidden files throughout ones operating system so one could start with a blank slate to reinstall the system.

You haven’t posted in a category. You could post in support or put it in as a feature request.
Also, whilst I think a few people get database corruptions it sounds like you are really unlucky in having them regularly.
I haven’t had one in six years.

@Sgr, I feel your pain. Consider this -.

Thanks. I put it under feature requests. If like nothing better than one of the ROON guys to ask to log in and take a look at the installation. I’ve scrubbed every hidden file from ROON that it so cleverly installs throughout ones system and then restored it. Only to have this happen again in a few months.

Which reminds me there should be a complete Uninstall command option that would do this automatically when requested.

That makes since too. Although I’ve started over from no back ups several times and still the same result.

Maybe Valence should do a search and repair on the ROON system once a month or so while ROON is not in use.

Surely an algorithm could be developed to do this simple chore.

I’ve been thinking of switching to something else. Because I’m tired of this.

Is it always a power outage that causes it?

I will tempt fate …

I get power outages quite often , I have a UPS on the computers but occasionally we get an unexpected situation, say the UPS is connected but not switched on (Don’t ask !!) and I get total “drop”.

Our power grid is poor to say the least and I must say in approaching 5 years I have had zero DB fails.

If someone is getting regular failures so much so that a Button Click type repair process is needed , I would be looking elsewhere rather than the power drops.

Even the regular Windows 10 updates don’t unsettle my core.

I run the Core on a bog std Tower Desktop PC bought built from a local PC shop , ie nothing special except a few extra HDD. Its i7-7700 , 16 GB RAM , 250 SSD etc with 4 HDD for music and video. It runs everything , Roon, JRiver SQL Server with no blips.

Db Corruption may be pointing at the SSD System disc health may be ?

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I’m in the UK and my power disruption is my wife unplugging the NUC randomly and its survived repeated cycles of that.

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Well I welcome other theories. I’ve checked the booting disk and it has no errors.

And it seems to happen with power outages.

But I do have battery several UPS installed.

Perhaps it’s a bad backup. But shouldn’t ROON protect you from that and let one know?

And then I’d lose all my edits to meta data. Which I’ve already done a couple of times.

A backup should be incorruptible.

At times I absolutely would like to trash the whole system. It was an expensive build with Windows Server 2016, AudiophileOptimizer, linear power supplies, Fidelizer, etc. And it’s used for audio only.

I’d take all of the optional apps off, get back to basics and see if it survives then add other stuff back on.

I agree with Ged , keep it simple . I just use my PC , I have only one I use for everything but I have deliberately steered clear odd Audiophile add ins like Fidelizer as they shut down specific processes not used in an audio chain.

The caveat is that I am OLD and 3 parts deaf , so my (audiophile) hearing isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be.

That said mine doubles as a development PC and has SQL Server running too, plus JRiver Media Serer for my video needs, its hardly a “clean machine”

I also have a nagging thought that Roon is unhappy with Windows Server , I can’t just find a list of OS in the Roon KB but I found this . Perhaps @support could comment.

Installing Roon on Windows 2012R2 (Not Recommended)


Roon requires certain codecs to be installed on your system. Without these codecs, Roon can have trouble importing or playing certain kinds of files, which can cause instability. The Media Pack for Windows Server 2012 can be found here, and is required in order to use Roon: Download Windows Server Essentials Media Pack from Official Microsoft Download Center

@xxx knows this well and has described the problem several times. In a thread I started @danny of Roon said that a DB check/repair is on their roadmap.

Good that they are on it.

The recent problems started with the latest updates to ROON.

As for WSY2K16 if you e not heard what it in combo with AudiophileOptimizer and Fidelizer than you are missing out.

I’ve used checkdisk f to diagnose and repair all drives. No problems found is the report I get.