Automatic playlist?

Is there a way in Roon to create automatic playlists? As an example, I would like to have a Playlist that contains all my favorite tracks, would be great if whenever I tag a certain track as a favorite, it would automatically be included in the playlist.

Jriver has something called “Smart playlist” that achieves such functionality and it is really great.



You don’t you need to create a play list to do this … take your example:

In Roon go to the track browser and then click on the “favourite” icon.

This will filter the results so that only your favourite tracks are displayed.

Then click the “Play All” icon and Roon will start playing them.

If you wish you can also bookmark this page say as “Tracks Favourite” then you can immediately return to this using the saved bookmark.

Hope that helps.

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To add to Carl’s post, the great thing about this method is that the bookmark doesn’t merely point to a static collection created at a single point in time, but it’s actively monitoring your library and will keep adding newly added favorites.

Brilliant, this certainly helps…

It would be cool however to have similar functionality to JRiver where one can customize exactly what they are looking for, for instance I have smartlists that group together all my favorite tracks that are 96khz/24 bit, sometimes it does come handy.

Take care

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Again no need, you can do that using focus and then just book mark it.

Ok, thanks, I was not aware that the format contained the file resolution… Quick one, how can I narrow down the focus on files that are tagged as “Favorite”?

Is there a way to bulk tag files in a certain list? when I imported my library from JRiver the “Favorite” tag did not inherit the “Ratings” that I had set in JRiver, I have around 2000 files that I want to tag as “Favorite” in Roon… Can’t seem to do this in an easy manner.

Thanks again for the help.