Automatic scanning at startup: Toggle on/off or abort within a 30 second window

I am evaluating Roon Software. 10 days left of trial. I run core on a Windows NUC. Storage is on a NAS. 5000 files to test with. No Tidal or Qobus is set up.

I saw a post here from 20198/2020 about this and since I this not has been improved I want try this and are really hoping for RoonLabs to comment och reply to this.

I notice that when I start Core it starts to scans my netwotk folders and there is no way to turn this off or abort it before it starts . When It start scanning I can not abort It. So now portions of my database is deleted and because I was moving around my files on my NAS and did not expect this.
I tried to restore to a previous backup but every time I start Roon it does the same way again I can not do anything.

There can be many other scenarios where You dont want the database to be updated so please add the possibility to cancel it before it starts (maybe a 30 second windows) and in the settings to turn off this automatic scanning at startup.

If there is a risk of consiostencies I should be alerted byt the choice would be mine after a warning.

If you decide NOT to improve this I would be really interested to WHY you dont want me to choose when Roon shall scan and update MY database after have being warned.

Thank you.

Please respon to this

Yes you can easily turn off the scanning of your music folders.
This function already exists.
Under settings:library.

Maybe you have to let it start but only for the very first time, then you just go into settings and shut the scanning down.
A minute at most, probably less.

Yes but then alla my music in the disabled folder Will be deleted/hidden in the database.

I still want to have access tog the Library and the music from that disabled folder.

When I disabled both my folders my Library became empty.
I dont se the logic in that . I was never notified of that which made me really angry. And there was no way for me to roll back that. Grr

Do you have any plans to change the way this is working ?
Please explain to me why this is good for me as a user / customer / music lover ?

I want to be in control and notified before any changes are made to MY library Please .
I want to have the choice want I want to do .

As long as notify me, alert me and make it status and important information visable for me so I can take the action or not.

Automatic sync is a nightmare when it is not working or I (user) dont know What is happening and How it works.

Logging changes of the Library and result info after each scan would be really good.
Is there a log I can read ?

My 30 years of experience with digital solutions this kind of ”problem” and/or non-user oriented design is often and issue but also what makes a solution great and not just ok .

I really don’t understand how you are using your system to get into such a state.

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I see now that even after I have Edit my both folders only Scan at startup it says ”monitor in realtime” (in swedish) and continue to Scan .
Is it supposed to work this way ?

I think @AceRimmer is referring to turning off the background analysis, not disabling a folder. See

You can leave the on-demand analysis on.

I want to be able to import music files so Roon can create this wonderful Library.
Then I want to tell Roon to pause all Scanning and importing. Maybe I Will migrate my storage to a new NAS or maybe Do some changes in my music file folders.
When I do these file operations outside of Roon I still want to view the Library even If the physical file is no longer accessable for Roon.

Right now I am evelustng Roon AND migrating and re-organizing 25TB of network storage and it these will take the whole week moving around files.

I have now disabled both analysis under ”Library”.
And both my network shares to Scan only ”at startup.

But it still says under storage ”monotoring in realtime”.

I am doing this from Roon Remote and IOs 15.
And i have restarted App .

I copied a new file to one of these folders and it Scans folder in realtime.
What can I Do ?

It scans the folder every time I change the setting when I want the folder to Scan . This
Is not good.
There is a function to Force Scan when I want.

Automation is a nigtmare when I as a user loose control …grr

There is no info What I can see when the folder last was scanned. Is there?

I think your use case is incompatible with your roon expectations.
If you change your storage then roon will rescan it.
Stop changing your storage.
Or Stop using roon.
Or Put up with the rescans.

Wow …that is really a customer-hostile reply.
Is this kind of response

As has been said, that’s not the way Roon works; if you disable a storage location, Roon will no longer show the contents as being in your Library. Re-enable the location, and Roon will display the contents again.

Do I detect a JRiver user ?

When you first install JRiver there is an option to kill the AutoScan process, you have 30 seconds before it scans your entire network.

You can then configure your watched folder and manually decide when to scan

Roon will always monitor your Watched Folder and import any changed files. The scanning referred to is the Auto Analysis that can be switched off. But not the Watched Folder import. Why would you want to it sorta defeats te object ?

As I’m a just a customer too, i don’t see how it can be. You’re trying to use Roon in a way it wasn’t designed to. Your choice what to do about that.

I’m rushing this post as I have to be somewhere in 15 minutes… but I kind of see where he’s coming from… as mentioned here serveral times, there are 2 different scans, and actually there are 3 from what I’ve seen.

  • There is a scan at first launch of the server. This is just a quick scan. It’s not a sound analysis scan, it’s a folder/file scan of the locations selected for music. If you keep all your music in one folder this scan is less noticable. This scan becomes very apparent if you have serveral different locations selected as it scans ALL the locations at the SAME time rather than separately. (So multiple spinner disks, I imagine even one would be noisey). I have 23 different folders under storage, so it goes for all at once… what a racket.

  • There is also the metadata scan when adding new files. This is the scan that brings up the files added/files recognized import. This is the one that stalls sometimes.

  • Then there is the audio analysis scan. This one takes forever! But if you do library backsups once it’s completed it usually recognizes older analysis’ of files.

When the 2nd two happen at the same time it slows things down. I like turning off audio analysis while the metadata part is in progress. Then enable it again once the the metadata import is finished.

Now… The first scan I mentioned, a delay option there may be nice… OR (and i’m sure this is doable) delay the auto start of the roon server service for a set time to allow the computer and another other misc bs services and such to complete before starting roon server.

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I want To be able to access, view the library even if the storage is detached for any reason.
If then if I try to play something I would get an errormessage.

As long as I am alerted about this problem.
Just show some information in the UI that I need to Take actions like

  1. shutdown and fix the storage
  2. run the ”cleanup” job so the data is consistent.
  3. make a backup of the database

The storage can be detached because of these fairly common scenarios

  1. Disk failure
  2. network problems
  3. NAS problems
  4. Human error.

Even if storage is detached I want to be able to

  1. Backup my library while I am fixing the problem
  2. View and browse my library
  3. Make tags, playlists…

Why would this be a problem ?

It would only make Roon still usable even if storage is broken.

Why and to whom would it be a problem to still make the content visable ?

Please explain for me because I dont understand.