Automatically add content from network drive - possible?


new user here :slight_smile:
I have setup RoonServer on a RHEL8 virtual machine.
My music library resides on a QNAP NAS and is shared via CIFS.
I have mounted the share via fstab on the core machine and pointed roon to the local mount point to index the files.

So far this is working flawlessly, except that new files are not added to the library automatically - not in real time and not 12hrs later.
I can restart the core or manually force a rescan to have it notice my newly added files. Welcome to the middle ages… :wink:

Before I start investigating this any further - is roon even supposed to be able to automatically pick up new files on a locally mounted network drive?
Would it make a difference using NFS instead of CIFS?
I’ve found some older posting claiming a scheduled job would run every 4hrs to scan network drives for new files. Is this info still valid? Because obviously this doesn’t happen in my case for some reason.


Hi @SKx and welcome to the forum.

I’m just another Roon user trying to help you with your case.

This is still valid. You have to point Roon to the network share for it to work that way of course. In your case, you’ve chosen to use your OS’s facilities to mount some share directly into your local filesystem, so it’s now up to your OS and it’s drivers to manage the “watch for new files” part and inform Roon about changes. Roon just uses your OS’s standard method to request file change notifications (inotify I guess) for local “watched folders”. If your setup doesn’t support to notify Roon about changes, then the methods you described are the only ones available to force Roon to do a rescan of its watched folder(s). Roon uses scheduled rescans for network shares only (a workaround because they are known to fail to provide change notifications under certain circumstances).

Thanks for your reply!
I figured that, as I have pointed it to a local folder, Roon wouldn’t regard my library location as a network drive.
I chose to do it this way, because I was originally unable to add the network share to Roon using the //server/share notation (it gave some error about the smb version and I didn’t see a way to specify mount options).
However, I just tried adding a network share using the smb://server/share notation and surprisingly that worked.
It then also gave me some additional switches to play with, including the rescan interval.
So let’s see how that works out - it’s currently scanning all the files in their “new locations” and I hope this will not cause a complete reprocessing of all the library content.

With regards to the local folder: I’m not really familiar with inotify, but I’m not sure if there’s a way to tell the OS to “inform Roon about filesystem changes” that can be set up by a user.
It’s probably what the RoonServer application already does by utilizing some Mono library for inotify.
I’m also not sure how well that would work on a mounted network share.


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Hello @SKx,

Welcome to the Roon community :wave:

Thanks for letting us know of what you’re trying to achieve and interacting with our community members while we got a chance to reply. A big thank you @BlackJack for your help :pray:

I was wondering if at this point we can help with anything at all :nerd_face:

Hi @beka,
so far everything looks good. I haven’t added any new files yet, but I’m confident it will work now.
My original intention was to find out if I may have to manually tell Roon somehow that my local storage location actually points to a network share for the periodic scans to work - or maybe set up a cron job that triggers these scans.
But since I was now able to connect Roon to the network share directly, there’s no need for that anymore.


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