Autonomic Controls Mirage

Might be an idea to reach out to these guys ? They have good hardware. The media server is a Windows appliance with 6 (2 x 24bit/192) or 3 available streams. They are very well regarded in the custom installer market and you will find them in homes with home automation.

The part of their software that is enduser facing is a bit outdated so it might be a win win for both parties.

Thanks for the heads @Georgethesixth!

I’ll pass this on to the appropriate person at Roon, and if you’re interested in seeing Roon work with Autonomic servers, be sure to let them know as well!

I did that first :slight_smile:

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I’ve had an Autonomic MMS-5A media server now for nearly three years, at the time I found it to be really convenient, integrating with my hi-res content (AIFF files in iTunes), has an option to “automagically” upload content from its 1tb internal hard drive to my Google Drive, has an acceptable iPad app, but once I discovered Roon, the control app for Roon is so much better than the one from Autonomic, I don’t use my server much anymore.

If it’s not a big deal to integrate Roon with the Autonomic products, I’d say “go for it”. It would be a significant improvement to the control app and the metadata available to the user.

Integration with the Autonomic products would be outstanding in my humble opinion. Not just because they make pretty solid gear, they are fairly common choice for crestron home audio distribution systems (we are are one) - personally I would absolutely LOVE to be able to use Roon to control our whole house multi room audio.

I use Roon to control my 2-channel listening and you would likely have to pry it from cold dead hand to switch (whole house stream come in via separate input on preamp). Having seemless integrated control the whole house audio would be wonderful; the crestron integration on our touch panels is prehistoric and tedious, using the MMS-5a app isn’t bad; but having 3 interfaces is confusing to outsiders and annoying.

Roon guys - if you could get this on the roadmap somewhere it would give you exposure to a very very broad set of users with a feature that would make they’re lives demonstrably improved; and as I’m sure you’re probably aware, the Crestron sellers are an effective channel. Only challenge, the Autonomics gear is built around multi room so you’ll have to design a effective interface around that…but doable, even within your current UI/UX paradigm.

I’d pay more for this!

(I’ve made this request to Autonomics also; I have not considered whether the “better” integration should be with Crestron instead)

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Whats the current status with Autonomic? Any traction? I have been less that impressed with Elacs support and service and would prefer to work with Autonomic as a hardware vendor for Roon Integrations. I install several dozen annually and am building. “There is gold here I tell you!”

Bumping this thread. We deploy a lot of Autonomic as it plays well with various control systems. As of late we are setting up a lot of Roon as well.