Autosleep feature in 1.7

Has this been implemented in Roon ROCK yet?

it is a roon feature, not roon os

Great. Where do I find it in the menus?

That was in the release notes go to device set up for your particular end point

Thanks to all for the quick response.

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I’m thinking of having ROCK on a Linux server and ROCK on a NUC endpoint, can ROCK on the server put the NUC to sleep?


No it can’t.

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Having this may help:

Not sure if the API has sleep.

Am I missing something or is the list of supported devices for auto sleep not listed anywhere?

any idea if this feature works with Pi4 Ropieee?

It doesn’t work on mine, even with the latest update.

What audio device do you have? Does it support standby?

What would you want it to do? Sleep/wake up the RPi? The RPi doesn’t support sleep or wake-on-lan.

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Thank you Danny I have my answer.

It’s a HifiBerry DAC+

I was genuinely interested in what you wanted it to do. I have an rpi3 zone as well… Its driving a meridian system using an extension that does support standby. But maybe it could also throw the rpi3 into a more energy efficient cpu idle state. It’s already pretty low though, so unsure how much I’d be saving. I’ll measure using kill-a-watt

Yah, so same question for you as above about the RPi

I guess if the HifiBerry doesn’t support WOL it can’t work, but as you say I don’t think these devices draw much current in idle state. I’m more interested in getting my exaSound e32 Mk II DAC and Sigma streamer to do this trick, and have asked exaSound if they plan to do so.

Lower power draw is lower power draw so I would always take it if its available but I understand its not a real manufactured endpoint.

What would seriously get me excited is if it could but my TT2 to sleep and wake that up so I could leave it on without much draw and roon controlling the TT2s internal preamp would be a dream but after speaking with Chord I’ve learnt it’s not possible with their current design.

@Paul_Whittaker, @Richard_Thornton had the idea in another topic to use a smart power outlet to turn the amp on/off from Roon via an extension