Ayre QX-5 Twenty best settings?

hi all
i just got a nucleus+ and will be using it with an Ayre QX-5 Twenty. can anyone comment on what are the best PCM settings on the Nucleus+. i have this vague recollection that Ayre recommends native bit rate but i cant find where i heard that. what PCM settings are ayre dac users using, native, max pcm or 2x max pcm?

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No idea, but I think your DAC is fantastic! …as is most Ayre gear. I had a KX preamp for awhile and was sorry I let it go.

I would suggest you try the different settings to settle on what sounds best.

For the past 4 years since I have the Qx-5 its native pcm rate for me, tried a little with the dsp settings but didn’t like it. I’ll let the dac do its magic.


I’m a former QX-5 Twenty owner and I always used the native rate. It’s a superb DAC.

Native rate.

As far as I know I use the native setting. I had forgotten it had such options, but I’m sure I would have left it at the “cleanest” setting.

As far as I know this selection is not available on Ayre DACs and is probably an option of the Nucleus+.

The Ayre DACs have a 16x oversampling anyway so that an oversampling of the source is not necessary and in case of doubt rather worse than the one from Ayre.

I would certainly choose Native PCM.

Native it is, sounds great!

For qx-5 twenty owners: Ayre has upgrades in the works… me thinks there will be new Ethernet and usb implementations.

I have the same set-up, native works very well. The QX-5 is amazing, especially with 24 bit streaming.

I use HQPlayer to upsample everything to DSD128. Then send that to an opticalRendu connected to the QX-5’s USB input. I’ll reevaluate if and when Ayre provides an update, but for now it’s the best sounding.