Ayre QX-5 Twenty Net2 upgrade ctd

The original topic was closed so now I am making this new one under Audio Gear Talk instead of Support.

I had just wanted to add that I have now had both the USB2 card and the Net2 cards installed, and the unit has been properly recognised by Roon.

I cannot say if there is a specific sonic improvement as I have the audio memory of a goldfish, but it sounds great (as always) and now handles DSD128 on the ethernet input without converting to DSD64, without displaying weird things like DSD4x, and without producing a hiss that it had started to do with recent firmware.

It also now accepts volume changes from within Roon, which as I recall it not do previously.

So definitely a win, albeit a rather pricey one.

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I just got the Net2 card and firmware update for my QX5-Twenty as well. Roon working fine with it just as before. I only use the Ethernet input direct from my Sonic Transporter i5 and it’s always been a solid connection. I am hearing more bass but plucked not flabby, but my audio memory is deficient as well so it could well have been there with the original!
BTW my screen still displays DSD1X, DSD2X, DSD4X for my DSD files. And Ayre itself did my update - I sent it to CO for the work.