Ayre QX-5 Twenty showing as uncerified Roon Ready

I’m very disappointed to hear the news that Roon will stop supporting [Roon Ready] devices that aren’t certified. I’ve never had a problem with my Ayre devices. I noticed that these devices “disappear” as audio devices if they are physically disconnected from my computer. Does that mean as soon as that happens, they will no longer be supported?

I have had a couple of occasions where I’ve had to re-do the setup of my Ayre QX-5 Twenty, which disappears as an audio interface for reasons I can’t explain. What if this happens after your migration to this new policy? Will I be totally stuck? That would suck in ways that are hard to describe since my entire audio setup for my main 2 channel listening depends on getting Roon into my QX-5 Twenty.

I can’t overemphasize how disappointed I am in this news.

You have nothing to worry about.

We’ve spoken to Ayre about this, and they’ve told us you need to perform a “network reset” and the issue will resolve itself. If that doesn’t do it, reach out to their support team, who is aware of the situation, and will help you get going.


It has been 3 months now. We are still unable to use our Ayre QX-5 with Roon. Instead of shutting us out, can you just allow the DAC users to at least play songs even if not all functions are usable?


Ayre are the people you want to ask for mercy. When you contacted them about this, what did they say?

Until then, you could always attach an RPi, running RoonBridge to the USB input of your DAC.


I do not know if you live in the US or not, but as an Ayre customer I do aknowledge it is impossible to get direct support from Ayre living ouside the US - only telephone number not reachable, at least from the EU, no email, …).
In such a case, try to connec5 with the local distributor. I have verypositive experience with the distributor in the Netherlands.

If you are living in the US however, Ayre support is very well regarded.

Hi @Kim_Hong_Lee,

Correction to my comment as the Ayre QX-5 is listed as a Certified Roon Ready Network streamer.

Danny previously suggested performing a network reset on the Ayre… and if that failed to resolve the issue… check with Ayre’s technical support to make sure the Ayre firmware is up to date and functional.

Just wondering if you already did that and if so what if anything did Ayre advise?

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I am also a European Ayre customer and I don’t have any communication problems with Ayre’s support. The guys there are always very responsive when (very rare) problems with the devices occur. Because of the time difference and for cost reasons, I prefer email support.

But it can’t hurt to contact the local distributor first.

Now you’ve got me worried.

Apart from speakers (obviously), I have an all Ayre system including a QX-5. I feed Roon to it via the ethernet socket. It has always been recognised as Roon Ready, and I have never seen any warning of the type described.

I bought it in Asia when I lived there, and now live in the UK. Customer support direct from Ayre by email has always been exemplary when needed, which has been pretty rare, and dealer support similarly excellent.

What am I missing here?

If your configuration is working fine,you are missing nothing

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Well that is good to know, but now I’m wondering why it shouldn’t work for everyone. Oh well.

Can you define “network reset?”

Hi All,

I manage the partner programs here at Roon.

The QX-5 Twenty is certified as Roon Ready.

What you are experiencing is an intermittent issue in which the QX-5 Twenty device firmware reports the wrong device name string when it is discovered, and so Roon does not recognize it as one of the certified Roon Ready devices.

There is a way to fix this, and I’ve reached out to the CTO at Ayre to ask them to step in and help here. I will watch to make sure this one gets resolved.

Rob Darling