B&O beomaster 5

@Tim_Rhodes - thanks for your response to my question. I have the following speakers:

Garden room, Beolab 9 speakers (need to confirm)

Kitchen, Beolab 4000 speakers

Library Beolab 3 speakers

TV sitting room

Dining room Beolab 3500 speakers

I’ve had this response from the B&O forum

That looks quite convoluted but seems like it will work. You will need a separate roon end point with analogue output that you connect to the input of the behringer device.

I have used an RPi 4 with an IQAudio Dac pro HAT with either ropieee or diet pi and Roon bridge. That may be simpler than a Roon end point for every set of speakers but may not sound as good.

As an aside I currently use a bluesound Node 2 with my beolab 3 speakers and that works well. You could use a node 2/2i rather than a RPi in the above setup.

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You may be able to connect something directly to the USB. I can see reports of people using a Chromecast with the BeoMaster, roon can stream to that.

You could also try connecting Ropieee / Raspberry Pi via USB.

Multi room audio has been developing very fast, I spent quite a bit of time getting the system installed in my house (not B&O) working well with roon!

Good luck!

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This is my next move …
I’m reluctant to buy a Behringer when I have a HATless RPi and a Digi pro lying around.

BTW I’m happy with Rooextend, but I still like LMS2UPnP software running on my MacMini.

If only I could get a Roonbridge on the bM5.

Ok - update
RPi 4 with RoPieee USB input into a Beomaster 5 works fine, along with RooExtend. Except my friends have 4 sets of speakers linked to it and using Roon it’s impossible to select an individual set. The B&O control tends to select two sets at a time.

When I return to my friends on Friday I’ll take a screen shot of the setup; but as far as I recall it’s working on a low bit rate.

Further update: today i migrated from Roon to Roon Server. Sadly now I can’t use Roon with the Beomaster 5.
Other factors might be that:

  1. I updated RoPieee to XL
  2. I also updated RooExtend
  3. Enabling squeezebox support does not make a difference.

I’m confused; the Ropieee Roonbridge is recognised on the “about” screen. And the RooUPnP extension is authorised. It seems that my next move is move back to the Core. Any suggestions?

You may need to put an RCA hat on the Pi and use a Behringer into the USB on the Master 5. Switch the Master 5 to aux for audio.

Yes I’ve had this suggestion from the B&O forum (see opening post), but it does not seem very elegant. But if all else fails …
The RPi was working until we tried to migrate to Roon Server.

A couple of weeks ago my friends system consisting of Roon on an iMac with RoPieee into the Beomaster and the RooExtend stopped working. It appeared that Roon could not find any audio zones.
Yesterday I tried to use a behringer UCA202 with the setup. It was plugged in to the Beomaster, but I did not have the phono cables to connect anywhere and the optical output had nowhere to go to either. I just could not figure out how to use it.
Anyway, I had brought an Audiostore music server with me, whose usb I plugged into the Beomaster. Configuring it was simple: the server showed the Beomaster and Roon picked it up as well. I’m not sure how this happened: was it the sonicorbiter or Roon bridge that was enabled?
My next step was to delete Roon from the iMac and reinstalled Roon server. All is still working, albeit with a potential cost of needing to buy a server.
My friends are happy to get Roon back, but now have to purchase an Audiostore server to keep it working. I’m disappointed that I could not get the neither behringer nor RPi to work. Have I missed a cheaper solution to enable the Beomaster with Roon?

Hi a further update …
A friend has a perennial problem. Put simply his music is on an Audiostore music server (black box) that is connected to Cisco switch connected to a Gigaclear FTP router. However his endpoints are part of an B&O multi-room system, which the music server, via Roon, sees, but only intermittently sends music to, and allows my friend to then choose the room he wants the music in. He is getting very frustrated … (in the past I have tried RPi with LMS2UPnP but with the sae results).

First, I have read, IIRC, that I should change the router address, but I fear my friend’s Sky box will over rule it. Is this true?

Second, could the problem be that the B&O box does not use UPnP? If so is there an other music protocol I should try?

Third, I have read that the DNS associated with Roon Bridges could be changed ( … but knowledge her runs out. Thus, where on the system outlined above should I change the DNS?

Thanks for any advice … I will post this on the Naim forum. (I have spoken to Martin at the Audiostore and he is at a loss … it may be time to return the black box for a refund.)

Is it (the router) Gigaclear or Sky, its not clear from your post?

If it is Gigaclear then ask them to switch it to bridge mode and buy a new wifi router that you (your friend) can configure entirely separately and without restriction?

I assume all endpoints are on wired ethernet connected to the Cisco switch etc? if not then wifi may be the problem if the connections are unreliable.

The router is the Gigaclear, Sky just supplies the TV feed.

There are three endpoints: two TVs, and the Beomaster. The latter controls multiroom music.

Are they on wifi?

They are hardwired but there is also WiFi provided over the mains.