B1159 crashes on wikipedia [Ticket in]

The English wiki link is not highlighted, but I tapped on it anyway. The app freezes.

Samsung tab s2 android 7, and Sony Xperia android 10.
Rock os.

I think it’s normal that it isn’t highlighted because the highlight is for the currently active review, which in your case is the Tivo one. So the highlight is correct as such - although I agree that it’s a confusing use of purple, because everywhere else in Roon, purple signifies a clickable link.

(If an artist/album does not exist in a given source, it is not listed at all).

Obviously it should not crash :slight_smile: It works for me on Windows, but can’t try on Android right now as I still have 1149.

Edit: For the purple/white issue, I added feedback here:

So I added two more wiki options - simple and German.

Now it really crashed - I couldn’t recover. Closing and re-opening wouldn’t work. I had to uninstall.

I’ve had situations on Windows with repeated crashes every time I open Roon over and over again. I found that extremely quickly clicking on home right before it can crash allows me to recover from the crash loop.

Yes this is very confusing. It really should be the other way round so you select the purple one or one of the purple ones to chance it and the one that you are current seeing is in white (at least in dark mode and whatever is the normal color in light mode).

And similar here on Android 11 / Fairphone 4: after adding one Wikipedia source (Dutch) via settings - general - editorial. App freezes and doesn’t recover on restart, it opens but still frozen.

Same for me - viewing “The Black Feathers” freezes on my Samsung S7 running Android 12 - since the app loads at the last open page, this makes the app permanently inoperable. Disabling Wikipedia as an editorial source from a different device doesn’t help (presumably these settings are per remote).

Thank you guys for flagging this. We were able to reproduce this, and now we’re working on a fix for this.


I was having a repeated crash when viewing the page for the band Marillion. The only way out of the loop was to quickly click the home button in the sidebar before Roon crashed. It stopped happening today so I’m wondering if something was changed server side. I have a feeling it may have been some sort of encoding issue related to the Wikipedia integration.

My app also freezes when opening any artist page. If I close and restart it immedaitely freezes again.
Both on:

  • Galaxy S10 - Android 12
  • Galaxy Tab S6 - Android 12

It works OK on my Windows 10 PC

Fixed for me with B1164

So far so good on build 1164

Finally! 1164 seems to work on Android.