B1218 Roon 2.0 - Comments

Smooth install on Roon Nucleus and Dell XPS 15 cores as well as Apple Mac Mini (Late 2014), iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Mini 6, and iPad 8th Generation remotes. Nucleus and Mac Mini via remote access using Splashtop.

EDIT: I updated the Mac Mini from client to core with no problems using remote Splashtop.


Hi, Have a big red box with this latest build concerning my Qobuz login.

My Qobuz Account is just an Account without any Streaming services.
I have it so I can browse their offerings and access their store if I want to purchase material.
My streaming preference is set to Tidal, where I have a streaming subscription.
This was accepted in earlier builds.

Mine is the same sort of account and I have the same error box.

Hi, @simon_pepper , @ged_hickman1!
Thanks for reporting the issue. I would kindly ask you to try to re-login to your Qobuz account and let us know if you’re still facing the problem.

Still have the same red error box and message on the ‘Setup Services’ screen

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Is there any further update to this issue, or we need to wait until an updated Build?

hi, @simon_pepper ! We were able to reproduce it and are in the progress of finding the cause of it. Thanks for your patience.

Hi, @oleh This issue is still present with the latest EA build. Was it meant to be fixed?

Hi Simon! To be clear, this change was actually intentional.

While this loophole has existed for years, it ended up being the root cause of a number of bugs and support issues. We implemented a change a few months back but a deployment issue caused it to enabled more recently, resulting in some of the confusion you’re seeing in this thread.

We know a small number of users have logged in with Qobuz accounts that lack streaming privileges but, ultimately, Roon was designed for browsing playable content and we want the product to be clear with users about whether they’re logging in with a working streaming service or not.

Sorry for the confusion here!

Hi @mike Many thanks for the response, however, can I explain and outline the use case and requirements here?

I subscribe to Tidal for the HiFi service, which provides me 90%-95% of the streamed content available, and this is configured as my preferred service.

However, I do want to see what is available from Qobuz, either as part of a ‘New Releases’ feed, a curated Playlist or when I select ‘Versions’ I want to see what alternate format versions are available from Qobuz.

As such, if there is something available that isn’t provided by Tidal I can purchase directly from Qobuz.
If a format version is available on Qobuz that isn’t provided by Tidal, I can purchase the alternate format version directly from Qobuz.

I don’t want to take, nor can afford, a 2nd streaming service from Qobuz.

The current level of membership provision I have with Qobuz allows for this.
The indication that is provided back to Roon once the Service credentials have been provided clearly indicated that the Account is valid, but that the level of membership does not provide for streaming content, but does allow access to the directory of available material.

If you could please restore the functionality that you have now changed, now you have a better understanding of the use case involved.

Also if you are going to remove functionality without prior notice, you could indicate in the Build’s Release Notes what has been changed or deprecated to the user base, and allow the users to have prior warning or at least an input before the decision is made to implement a change. That is the nature of Product Management for a consumer-facing product offering. Certainly within the B2B space, I would not be allowed to undertake a functionality deprecation without proving prior indication and taking input and feedback from the customers and users of the service.

Build 1226 is current.

@mike If you could provide a suitable solution here based on this use case, as you had done.