B1226 ARC not working (though it was with prior builds)

After updating to B1226, ARC (now 155) does not work again…After checking the situation with the Roon ARC tab in my remote app on MacOS, I see only the message “Testing” eternally! No “Ready”, no “Not Ready” as indicated in https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/arc-port-forwarding#Overview

I made ON/OFF of UPnP of my router, but it doesn’t change the situation. What can I do now?

There’s quite a few people on production as well who are posting about an eternal “testing” although it worked before

Thank you for your reply, but what do you mean by “on production”?

On the recent production release, not earlyaccess. It seems as if both the last production release and earlyaccess are affected by something in this, if it isn’t all just a big coincidence.

Like here, for instance, where Roon are investigating:

Or here:

Roon ARC has been working better then ever for me for the past 2 days on the latest Early Access and the one before. I don’t know if Roon did something to fix it or if it’s because I’m using my iPad Mini 6 instead of iPhone 13 Pro Max. I’m out of hotspot data, so using Roon ARC instead of Roon on my laptop until I get home next week.

I don’t have issues either (apart from the usual ones), but clearly some people do

I’m not disputing that. I’m leaving feedback for Roon.

As do I :slight_smile:

Now the testing is over…It’s working again! So was that a problem at Roon server?

Looks like at least partially a server problem. From the thread I posted previously about this issue in production where Roon was investigating already:


And yesterday: