B1235 No daily mixes [Solved]

No daily mixes visible Tuesday 21st CET 08.50

Same here.

Same in production, I guess server

Hey, guys!
Thanks for reporting!
We are already investigating this issue, so please be patient, it going to be fixed soon.



See this from Ivan…

Daily mixes are missing. Cloud issue. The Roon team is investigating. [Staff post] - Support - Roon Labs Community

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Up & running!

Thanks, @andrew.v.

Are you folks aware of the thread referenced below? Daily Mixes have been having issues for about twoo weeks. Does the repair work you’re doing address the recurring issue in which they refresh on every app launch on every device? That behavior doesn’t appear to be happening at the moment but it’s come and gone over the past couple of weeks. Thanks!

@gTunes This is a separate issue and we’ll see if we can reproduce it locally.

Thanks @andrew.v! Logs uploaded by, and as, “gtunes.zip”.

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