B1273 iPhone gets hot using ARC

I’m out of town using Roon ARC notice the iPhone gets very hot and battery’s drainage is very quick compared to using Apple Music in fact it’s such a concern I’ll keep with Apple Music with this trip. I’m using an Apple 13 iphone

I’m running ARC on an iPhone Xs, and I see no difference between ARC and the Qobuz app.

I have ARC set to automatically pick best quality, which means balanced for cellular (~320 kbps lossy codec), and bit-perfect on Wi-Fi. What settings are you using?

I’m set the same way. I’m not giving up on ARC I think it’s fantastic but right now something is causing my iPhone to really heat up

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I’m having similar download and playing heat/battery drain issues on an iPhone 11. Here’s a link to a recent discussion on this same topic and Roon indicates that they are starting a project to improve Arc.