B172 Arc still slow music downloads and overheating iphone

Is there any improvement of late in the download speed of music to Arc over cellular or wifi or in the battery draining/heat inducing nature of downloading? There seems to be a dearth of recent discussion on that topic.

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FWIW, I downloaded 2 albums on Arc last night. Didn’t take too long but my iPhone 14+ became a nice hand warmer for colder climates.

Now, is it related to downloading and converting to the required settings. e.g. I download to lossy to save space and I don’t need lossless. Does Arc do the resampling during download?

That’s a good question and perhaps accounts for the heat and battery drain. Qobuz downloads do neither on my iPhone 11.

It doesn’t (there is a feature request for that) and if it did it should clearly do this on the core (which has more power and it would reduce the download size)

The issue as such has been going on for way too long, not sure what’s so hard about it


It’s slow, overheats the unit and tends to crash my iPhone SE since the first early access with downloads.

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We will shortly be beginning a project on general performance improvements in ARC and these issues should be resolved. Thanks for flagging.


That’s great news Michael and will create some good vibes aroun using ARC especially when wanting to download lots of music before going to visit a cabin in the woods :grin:

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I’m finding that sometimes downloads are slow and sometimes they go quickly. Sometimes it takes multiple times to initiate a download. Sometimes it takes many re-trys to connect to Arc. All this on iPhone 15 Pro. cc @connor