B139 ARC (not Auto) album art offline quality fixed as well by Auto improvement? But complete loss of some art still happens :(

Quality was improved in Auto:

Did this also fix the quality in offline mode of regular ARC? Previously, as soon as you went in offline mode or enabled airplane mode, the art of downloaded albums decreased to low-res even if hi-res art was embedded in the local files, which was very visible on the Now Playing screen.

I cannot reproduce this anymore with newly downloaded albums at least. Due to another issue I had to reinstall ARC a few days ago and lost all my old downloads. So now I downloaded two new ones and their art quality is fine in Now Playing when offline. (But I had more downloads in the past and now so far downloaded only two, so can’t say for sure if increasing number will make a difference)

For reference, previous report:

However, losing album art entirely is still not fixed :frowning:
Screenshot below shows the two albums I just downloaded 10 minutes ago. Then went offline to write the above post. The album art of both obviously was displayed in good quality. Then I played around some more, went offline again, and see this:

In offline mode when you browse albums quality of graphics is good.
But when you start playing and go to “now playing” screen the quality is very low again.

And when you browse Artists/Composers, no images are being displayed at all.

That’s the thing, not for me, the quality in Now Playing is now good for me in offline as well, at least was for these 2 albums.
Did you download fresh as I did? Maybe a poor quality cache remains for previously downloaded files

You are right.
When I removed album from downloads and downloaded it again, the quality on both places fine.

That’s so unfortunate as I have just finished downloading 135 GB of music :rage:

Tell me :slight_smile: I downloaded 50 for my Christmas vacation travels and then something broke a week after and I had to reinstall. It’s about the 5th time and I think I’ll be holding off on downloading much for a while

Just to be clear, the fix we implemented was focused just on Android Auto. Image quality issues in ARC are something we will look into, thanks for reporting.

The issues that you are discussing are in reference to the ARC app itself, correct?

Yes, ARC app itself. But with fresh downloads I don’t see the poor offline image quality anymore, and seems it’s the same for @Piotr_Pekala above - just older downloads seem to still show the poor one.

The immediately disappearing art was also in the regular ARC, and that was a fresh download created with the latest build

I think it’s the cache.
I tried downloading an album directly from the list without going inside (so ARC had no way to load the image) and after downloading it I set offline mode and played the album. No improvement over previous versions.
Probably you see it ok for a previous upload, as it often happens, after some time if it doesn’t reload by connecting it with the core, it returns to low quality

I don’t have any previous downloads because I had to reinstall ARC because of a different issue. Then I downloaded fresh and couldn’t reproduce the poor art anymore after going offline. In the past, reproducing it was really simple - download album, go offline, play album and go to Now Playing screen, and there was the low res art.

Now I couldn’t reproduce this anymore. And Piotr above still saw the issue with existing downloads, but not a new one. So yeah, may well be cache related as I mentioned further up.

So I just wondered if this was fixed somehow together with the Auto art quality, but apparently not as Michael wrote. Seems they are on it, so let’s hope :slight_smile:

I was watching that a few times and I think it still downloads poor quality picture but updates it with high resolution when you start listening that album.

You can see that by quickly select album you’ve never played since download and immediately go to now playing. You will see first low res picture and in a few seconds it gets replaced…unless you are in offline mode.

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That’s right, if you’re connected to core it updates the cached image. The ideal would be to have the cover downloaded with the album, otherwise sooner or later (if you stay offline) that image will return to low quality

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The same happened in my Android phone. It is random which album art disappears. The music control stuck on a previous track’s album art. I think this is a major issue as Roon’s selling point is to have a beautiful presentation of album art and info about the music.

That’s how my offline library looks like….

Please notice that you don’t have any tracks visible in at least 3 of those albums on the screen.

Something very bad happened to offline library in last builds - huge step backwards and regression.

I don’t know what is wrong but is not working at all.

Still the same here. I had to reinstall ARC due to another issue, so I redownloaded and still the same when offline

Edit,: yes and no tracks either

@support @Early_Access hello?

Had to reset the app, establish the connection with roon core and download again the music. It works for now but not sure if that’s going to be the case long term

I did that several times and the problem always reappears anyway. This needs to be fixed