B142 ARC UI issues on Samsung S22

Hey there,

ARC opens in full screen mode and makes navigation in the S22 quite difficult. Please take a look at this screencast to understand the issue:


I submitted that issue some time ago:

So far it’s been completely ignored :slight_smile:

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I have just opened another thread and a user directed me to this thread. I have the exact same issue on my S22 ultra. Also gesture control won’t work, very annoying. I hope someone at Rokn will address this issue. Use in my car in the carmount is too cumbersome like this.

Actually in the last two versions the issue seems to be resolved. The app still opens in full screen, but a quick swipe up from the bottom exposes the phone navigation controls and they stay visible so you can actually perform an action. When I opened this thread the issue was that the navigation did not stay open, but that’s not the case anymore. Try it out!

You are right, the swipe up works, but that is still not what I want. I want to have the option for full screen or not. This is included in the normal Roon app, so why not in arc? Moreover gesture control left and right does not work.