B30/B31 Switching between different versions of the same album [Resolved]

Please make it possible to swtich between different verisons of the same album in the ARC app, as well.

Could explain a little more about what you mean?

switching between two difierent versions of the same album, don’t know what I could explain more :smiley:

Should be there – are you seeing otherwise?

Maybe I’m searching in the wrong place?

It’s under the Versions tab when you look at the album. I’ve been using this for a while when choosing a local copy over Qobuz.

I can’t find the tab. I got only the tabs ‘Tracks’, ‘Info’ and ‘Credits’ but no ‘Versions’ Tab

Exactly what I’m missing :wink:

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Best to include your phone and other details if its a bug. It isn’t an ARC deficit.
Did you try restarting your phone and/or core?

Try a different album?

Yes, I did it before and restarted a second time, after reading your post.
It seems like it’s a bug if it’s only not working for me.

Can I move the thread to the right topic or has an admin move it in the right place?

Thanks all!

same result, whatever album I choose, sadly.

Yes I had a look

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But on the positive you have contributed to Alpha with a bug :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet:


You’re right, hopefully nobody runs in the same issue after official release :smiley:


Plenty of time to squash this one :wink:


I also have found that the versions tab has disappeared on all the albums in ARC, seem to coincide with dropping one of the streaming services.

In all circumstances? (I only do Qobuz)
It’s there for me;

However, theres a slight delay when bringing up a certain album, before the Versions-tab is displayed.

Another album with one local and one from Qobuz:

I see the versions tab for the Lifelines album (which I don’t have in my library) but I don’t see it for other albums where I definitely have several versions in the library, even 2 different local versions