B416 Breaks My ROCK


I installed B416 ROCK this morning and all appeared to go well. About half an hour later the remote couldn’t find the core anymore and the ROCK admin page could not be reached either. The 7i7 NUC is still on the network and can be pinged but the connected USB drives are not accessible over the network anymore.

So, presumably this just might need a reboot and nothing more but what is the safe way to do it? I have never had to do this before in nearly 2 years operation. Is there a reset switch anywhere on the NUC and does it need a quick or a long press to safely reboot the ROCK?

You should just be able to push the power switch (briefly) to initiate the power shutdown. Then press it again to power up. If it doesn’t power down, then hold in the power switch for more than five seconds to force a shutdown.

Just give the power button a quick press. It should Power down almost immediately.
When it goes quiet and dark, just power it on again by a similar press.

Thanks both. Will try to fix it before I rush of to work.

Very odd, a quick press just restored the ROCK admin page. ROCK was still up (39 days now) but Roon Server ‘Stopped’ not running. However, lost access to the admin page after another minute. NUC was very warm to the touch. Will try a longer press then off to work. To be continued…

Mine updated fine with no issues this morning.

Mine also updated with no issues, but I noticed that it did a complete library rescan. That may account for the increased warmth that Tony experienced? Mine is at normal temperature now.

Just after the update install it was analysing a few thousand ‘new’ files it had found on the NAS (spinner running top right). That would explain the increased warmth (normally runs barely warm to the touch).

The files aren’t new, but may have been updated with SongKong metadata which I have just started using to clear up some persistant ‘Unidentified’ albums, with mixed results.

Home from work and all is well. That second long press reboot did it. Both ROCK OS and Roon server up for nearly 10 hours now. :slight_smile:

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