B806 of Roon Bridge for Ropieee

Hi @spockfish - I see that B806 of Roon Bridge has just (today) been released.

I went to my Ropieee devices and saw that updates were available. I updated both of them, and observed the following:

On the Roon > Settings > About screen, during the installation process, both devices disappeared for a while, then returned clearly displaying “Version 1.8 (build 806)” briefly, but then this was replaced by “Version 1.7 (build 571)”…

Do you need feedback, or do I need to wait until you have done something at your end? Thanks.

Harry - I see that @kevin is checking on this within Roon Labs, so this may not be in your sphere of influence…

There’s also nothing in that RoonBridge release which is of interest. It only contains a fix for Windows.

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As harry notes The Beta Channel: what's cooking? Now at 3.136 (2021/06/30) - #461 by wizardofoz