Bach 333 Metadata issues

Roon does not find metadata for Bach 333,
The files are named as follows: Bach333_CD1, Bach 333_CD2, etc.
When imported into Roon the CD number is lost so I have to edit about 200 CDs, what’s wrong?
Andrea Tubaro

Hi @Andrea_Tubaro,

Can you provide some more information about this issue, as outlined here:

Some screenshots of this album as it appears in Roon, in the storage location, and the file tags would be very helpful in understanding this issue.


This is a box set consisting of 200 plus cds! Rip and identify the first disc. If it identifies correctly you can then try a merge with the other 199+ cds in the box set. If it can’t be identified then there is a problem.

These big sets are notoriously badly served with meta data, Mozart 255 was the same . They are mainly reissues but in these cases not of pre existing albums. DG etc are releasing a jumble of curated tracks , not like the older Mozart, Beethoven edition which were boxes re released

The meta data often takes ages to catch up, often courtesy of MusicBrains

Watch out for Beethoven 2020 in the same way

Depressing but true …

Thats true. Bach 333 is not recognized by Roon as there are no metadata from the provider. Musicbrainz shows only disc 1 to 18 (Sacred Cantatas I) but not disc 19 to 200.

It is really pitty but I don’t rip my Bach 333 until it’s recognized by Roon completely.