Back to page 1 browsing artist’s albums

Hi @support

I noticed that when browsing the Main (Tidal) albums of an artist, if you look at details of an album let’s say on page 3, you get back to page 1 returning from album details instead of returning to the page 3 you were in.

I suspect this is a bug because on the same use case browsing albums of for example a given music style, we would return to page 3 in above example.

I can’t tell if issue is specific to Tidal or not as I do not have enough albums on single artist in my library to have several pages to browse. It may be generic, thus posting here.

Patrick LP

I see the same bug browsing through the « View all » Library albums following a search, so it doesn’t seem to be specific to Tidal.

Recap how to reproduce:

  • I search let’s say « Bach »
  • I click « View all » in Album section (library albums)
  • I flip to page 2
  • I click on a given album to look at details
  • I click on return
    I am back on page 1 instead of page 2.

Very frustrating when browsing « far »…
Same browsing on artist’s albums as originally posted.

Patrick LP

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