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I wish I knew what it means when the HQplayer shows that it is playing but the Scrolling bar doesn’t move and there is no sound.

It happens every now and then and usually I can get past it but today I can’t. I’ve rebooted , uninstalled, reinstalled et all but same thing

Here is my setup

Enclosure: Fanless solid aluminum case (completely silent) Processor: Intel i7 (kaby Lake) quad-core processor Memory: 32GB RAM DDR4 Storage: 240GB SSD (Samsung PRO) for Windows OS + Roon database etc OS: Windows 10 Pro OS (license included) USB: 4 USB ports for Keyboard, Mouse, and USB drives HDMI: for your monitor (not required once setup is complete) Network: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 Power: 19VDC input

Running Ethernet into a Nighthawk Router and from there Ethernet to an unmanaged Ethernet switch by Netgear to an Ultra Rendu. From there USB out to the OPPO 205 as my DAC. USB NAS drive connected to the nighthawk Router.

After trying to play the HQplayer crashes and blinks. It won’t exit unless I restart the machine. In task manager it shows for a second then disappears for a second repeating.

Here are all the pertinent screen shots


The problem could be that you are running DSP (Parametric EQ) in Roon before the signal goes to HQPlayer. Jussi (@Miska) from HQP has said that the signal should come from Roon bit-perfect (MQA decode is OK) and that all DSP should be done in HQP.

Thanks Bob, I’ve disabled all DSP and still have the same outcome.

Also try configuring HQP with a filter like poly-sync, dither like TPDF, and at least -3db to -6db down volume which will allow headroom for HQP processing. Make sure the buffer is in default or at at least 50ms of buffer and the DAC bits are in default or the actual input capacity of the DAC which is usually 24 bits. Even if you have a 32 bit DAC, 24 will work fine as there is no audible signal after 20 bits. The best DAC ever measured got to 21 bits. The inherent noise of any circuit covers up anything else that might be there.

I am out of ideas after this so flag @support if this does not work.

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