Back Up error message (incorrect) "You haven't backed up Roon yet!)

Roon 1.6
Macbook pro 10.14.5

Set up Roon back up to desktop on Pro (itself then backing up elsewhere)
First manual back up successful ( scheduled one for night thereafter)

But message appeared on main home page saying “You haven’t backed up Roon yet!”

If I click through to “get started” I can see the manual back up I did earlier listed.

Even more annoyingly the "You haven’t backed up " message won’t let itself be clicked and closed - it sits there right in middle of screen and seems to be immoveable.

At least let me get rid of the message screen!

Try rebooting the core.

Yes that works thanks. But a note to your developers as i think it’s a little inelegant at the moment.

It’s a bug. I did a quick search of the forum and it’s one of those annoying random bugs that they can’t reproduce.

Hi @Marc_Gillespie,

Glad to hear that since rebooting your Core that the message has gone away.
Thanks for the feedback here, I will mention it to the technical team.

Hi @Marc_Gillespie,

I wanted to let you know that I have discussed your feedback with the technical team and have informed me that there is a ticket regarding this issue. I can’t say for sure when a fix will be published, but we are aware of this behavior and have made some progress to address it. Thanks again for your report!

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