Back up of Roon Core (Innuos ZenMini MkII) to MacBook Pro M1Max

Roon Core Machine

Innuos ZenMini Mk II

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Currently Core is hard wired … using an Amplifi router.

Number of Tracks in Library

3000 (approx)

Description Of Issue

Please could someone advise me how to back up my Roon Core Machine and store it on my new MacBook M1Max.

Also, is it possible to switch my Roon Core to the MacBook M1 Max and use the Naim Uniti Atom as an endpoint over a WiFi as opposed to a connection?

Also my MacBook M1 is appearing as an endpoint over Airplay which I find rather bizarre. It’s asking for a password. Again any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi @Dr_Arjun_Rao,

Checkout this Roon Help Page it should help you …

I’m not familiar with The Naim Uniti Atom but its specs say that it supports both wired and WiFi network connection and importantly it’s Roon Ready device so it should be fine.

Airplay is an alternative way to stream to the MacBook, once you have install Roon on it it should be visible as a Roon endpoint.

Thanks Carl…

I am experiencing issues setting up the MacBook Pro on Airplay… not accepting my editing password for my Apple ID… when i put it in it gives me a 4 numbered code… when i enter it nothing happens… code changes spontaneously… any ideas? Best wishes