Background audio analysis restarts at track 1, and never seems to complete

Roon Core Machine

win10 pro, core i7, 3.5g, 24g ram, all drives are SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

cisco 1g switch

Connected Audio Devices

speakers, n/a

Number of Tracks in Library

13800 tracks

Description of Issue

I’ve had roon attempting to do audio analysis on my library, located via 1g connection on a Syntology NAS with music stored on and SSD, and the roon app analysis speed is set to “fast 1 core”. I see my network utilization is 25mbps, and roon is consuming 18% of cpu. It’s been running for 2 days, on and off. Sometimes the roon app just crashes, and I restart, and each time I do, it starts back at track 1. Even when I close the app when roon is showing analysis is at track 21, then restart the app, it starts at track 1 again? Why on earth???

Thank you.

When they arrive support should be able to look at your logs and see which track is triggering the fail.

Hi there. Roon upgraded itself 2 days ago and started indexing my 11k tracks over the next 2 days, and did not crash or fail. I just let it run since it was not crashing, so I don’t know whether or not it would have started from track 1 again if interrupted. That said, I’m glad it got through my library.

Thanks again for replying and please close the topic.

John Thoren

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