Background media playback stops on iphone and volume set to zero after Roon app

Restarting another topic as it is suggested this might be another problem.

Core: small Xeon server, Roon 1.8 build 850
Remote: iPhone 13, Roon 1.8 build 831
Audio Device: HiFiBerryOS, HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro sending SPDIF to external DAC. Zone is set as fixed volume.
Library: NAS and Qobuz

I do not use Roon app to play music through iphone (not even sure if this is possible), I am using it only as a remote control for the system above.

  • I have bluetooth paired headphones on iPhone.
  • Roon and (as an example) youtube app is closed and they are not in the background.
  • I start youtube and play a video and put it to background. Audio continues playing.
  • I open Roon app, the audio (on my bt headphone) stops.
  • I do not do anything on Roon, just go back to youtube (i.e. put youtube to foreground). Touch play button on youtube and video starts playing. I do not hear anything because the volume is set to zero.

To eliminate youtube factor, I tried same with Spotify and it exactly works as I described above for youtube. So my understanding is that the Roon app when started, stops the background media playback on iPhone, and sets the volume to zero. Neither stopping the media playback (when the zone is not iPhone) nor setting the volume to zero is what I expect.

Hi @mete,

Thank you for getting in touch with this report. Part of the behavior that you’re seeing is something we’re investigating. (YouTube playback stopping when opening Roon on a remote) The volume being reset to zero is something else that we’d like to take a closer look at.

The next step is to get logs from your remote device, these Steps will help you do that:

On the iOS device:

Quit or terminate Roon

Go to System Settings on your iPad and iPhone

Scroll down until you see Roon

Tap on it

Turn on “Save logs to Files on next start up” see screenshot below

Launch Roon

Open Files app on your device

Go to “On this iPad/iPhone”

There will be a Roon folder and inside of it there will be a tgz file (see screenshot below)

Send the tgz file from your iPhone to this link.