Background Refresh

Roon app does not show up in ‘background Refresh’ settings (Settings>General>Background App Refresh). Running latest iOS (9.3.5).

Will the Roon app be updated so that background refresh can be set?

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This makes a lot of sense, both to take advantage of iOS’s native conventions, but also for users who leave an old iPhone or iPad plugged in to be used as a remote.

This is not what background app refresh is meant for, and some stuff that Roon needs (OpenGL anyone?) is explicitly forbidden (see Apple Dev for specifics).

What would you want Roon to refresh while backgrounded? Screens? Endpoint info? Timer positions in the play bar?

As it is now, Roon reconnects, updates and reloads the view that was active when the app was backgrounded in <1 sec, on reasonable recent hardware and good Wifi.

Thanks for clarifying @RBM. Without factoring in the technical constraints, my pie-in-the-sky preference would be to have the Roon app re-connect in the background (if the user prefers that background re-connect occur). The current update and view reload steps are fine on my end.

Get Android… since this is explicitly against the rules for iOS apps :frowning:

Noted. I don’t have any real issue with the current implementation—just exploring how it might be improved. Personally, I’d rather have a locked down iOS implementation then an extensible Android one.