Backing up all files to iDrive?

Dear brains trust.

I have subscribed to iDrive as a cloud backup, can anyone advise in plain english how to go about setting up backups from the Roon Nucleus to iDrive?

It only shows Dropbox at the moment. Eventually I would like all of my music files backed up onto iDrive as well (currently all backed up to a Synology 723+).

Apologies in advance for being a luddite.

Hi @Darren_George

I’m just a fellow Roon user.

Currently there is no support within Roon to backup to idrive.

I believe you’d need to backup to a local computer on your network and then get idrive to sync/backup from your chosen locations on that computer.

Hope this helps.

Others may chip in and give other ideas :+1:

@Darren_George - I’ve moved your question from the #support category of the forum to the #roon:nucleus category since it’s more a “how do I do this?” question rather than a technical support issue. Thanks for your understanding.

Can I also clarify - you are looking for a solution to backing up your music files from local storage on the Nucleus, and not a solution for backing up the Roon database? I ask because the Dropbox support is for backing up the Roon database - it’s not for local music files backup…

Just a word of caution about iDrive, they are known for extremally low introductory pricing and absolutely predatory like in the hundreds of dollars for the slightest overage. Their software also has no easy way to prevent an overage. I’d be careful with them.

Synology has an IDrive Add-on Package so my recommendation would be to back up your Roon database, music files and anything else of importance to your NAS. Then you can back up your NAS to the cloud.

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I use iDrive.
I’m not sure how this would work with Nucleus as my core is on a PC.
For the Roon backup I make 30 days of backups from Roon to a folder on the USB drive that holds my music and point the iDrive app to that drive.
iDrive is set to backup once a day.
I set up Archive Cleanup in iDrive to clean up every 30 days so any older Roon backups or music I’ve deleted is removed from iDrive automatically.

The other thing with iDrive is they send you continual offers so I just create a new user every year and take the less than £10 offer every year. If you have a Synology NAS the other option is to back up directly to them.

Hi @Darren_George

We have had a few discussions on this subject recently. Roon users use a wide variety of good backup and sync solutions - but you need to think carefully about the right solution for your needs - bearing in mind that music backup is completely different to Roon database backups (and unfortunately not handled by the Nucleus directly). However, it’s worth considering your backup strategy in more detail, especially if you are used to the simplicity of backups on PC or Apple and Time Machine.

Many people recommend a minimum 3-2-1 backup strategy, with the first backup (2) being on-site, and the second (3) off-site. However, having experienced multiple drive failures and data losses over the years, I have adopted the following 4-3-2-1 approach to music backup (arguably OCD but it works):

  1. Primary storage - USB attached to ROCK (effectively the same as Nucleus)
  2. Sync’d storage - in my case, a USB disc attached to Mac Mini (I use Good Sync but there are lots of good alternatives. This is a simple mirror copy - good for protecting against drive loss, but if you delete an album accidentally, it doesn’t help much.
  3. Versioned on-site backup - I have a Mac Mini using Time Machine to backup to a separate disk, providing the standard hourly / daily / weekly / monthly backups, which allow me to recover any accidentally deleted music.
  4. Versioned off-site backup - I use BackBlaze (also widely used by the Roon Community). Works well, moderately priced and provides a rolling year’s worth of versioned backup. Versioned backup is very important, for example if you need to recover an album that was accidentally deleted a few months back.

I test this setup roughly once a month - whenever I accidentally delete an album during library “housekeeping” and then later realise that I want it back!

Of course, it’s your choice regarding the best off-site solution - but I would strongly recommend considering a more in-depth backup strategy like 3-2-1.

Thanks all for your time and assistance I appreciate it as always.

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I use iDrive to backup my Synology NAS. It runs fairly well, abet very slow even through I have 1G up/down internet speeds. It’s really only there if something catastrophic happens. My backup approach is pretty comprehensive. I have two Synology NAS units at home. The primary one runs snapshots which are replicated to the second. I mirror my music library from the NAS to the SSD in my Nucleus via my Mac using CCCloner. And I use time machine from my MacBook to the NAS.

In this way, I have redundancy at home in the case of hardware failures in either of the NAS or any other devices, e.g. the Nucleus or my laptop. I have versioned backups on the NAS in case of file accidental file deletion/corruption, etc. And iDrive in the cloud in case something happens crazy happens at home.

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I mirror my Synology NAS to my ROCK directly using rsync:

Mirror NAS to ROCK

  1. In File Services, Enable rsync
  2. In File Station, mount a remote folder to your ROCK’s InternalStorage folder
    1. Tools > Mount Remote Folder
    2. CIFS Shared Folder
    3. Folder: \rock\Data\Storage\InternalStorage\Library
  3. In Task Scheduler, create a task that runs the following command (you may need to adjust paths/host names):

rsync -av --delete --exclude ‘@eaDir’ /volume1/Library/ /volume1/ROCK/Library

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