Backing up internal storage music library and Roon data on a NUC ROCK?

Intel NUC Rock set up and working fine…not sure about the best way to backup Roon data and Music library stored on internal SSD…no need for panic yet but a sound backup strategy is obviously essential. Couldnt find this topic in FAQs

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For the library, Roon provides built-in support for scheduled backups to either a locally connected (e.g., USB) device, a network share, or to Dropbox. This is all in the documentation.

For backing up the internal storage — best thing is don’t use that as your primary source for your music. Your real source should be your NAS, and then use one of various sync tools (like FreeFileSync on Windows, or rsync on Macs and Linux) to periodically sync your primary library to the storage you’ve installed in your ROCK. (You can also use these sync tools to go the opposite direction if you make the ROCK your primary storage location. But don’t do that.)

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This topic has been covered in a number of posts recently.

I run Roon scheduled backups to a 32GB USB3 flash drive on the NUC. I also run them to another drive. Don’t run scheduledbackups to your internal NUC drive. I do these backups daily and keep 60 sets.

Backup my music library onto a NAS, a drive on a PC, plus an external USB3 drive.

The data backup is fine…both to Dropbox and to a flash drive

The library backup is more complicated. I havent needed a NAS before now and my house is not network wired so it has to be wireless via Eero. When I bought the NUC it seemed an attractive simplification to install a big ( and expensive ) SSD. The instructions didnt suggest this wasnt a good idea as a primary location, maybe this point could be included. I decided to replace a defunct Time capsule today only to find its been discontinued so I have bitten the bullet on a Synology NAS for both functions and will install rsync to link the two together . I presume Carbon Copy Cloner doesnt do this?

Thanks for the advice

Are there any alternatives to rsync that can be used by regular folks ? Ten minutes trying to download it and comprehend the instructions have invoked my inner geek radar detector…I dont feel any embarassment in admitting to inadequacy in this area, life’s too short and I’m too old to deal with it


I use Carbon Copy Cloner to backup data from an external usb drive that is attached to the ROCK. I back the data up to a drive that is attached to a MacBook that is on the same network as the NUC. I also backup to a second drive that is also attached directly to the NUC. I only backup the folder that includes my music files, not the entire drive.

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Sync software has been discussed many times in the forum, e.g.

Everyone has their own favourite. Mine is Allway Sync

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I was wondering you’re using a 32gb HD to back up your room data, I have a bit more than 3TB library, where would you suggest I back this huge amount of music?

The scheduled Roon backups are backups of the Roon database, not your entire library of media files. I have Roon ROCKs at home and work. Each runs scheduled backups to two different drives every night. I wish Roon would let me run these scheduled backups at least on the half-hour instead of only being allowed to run them on the hour, Currently they run at 2 am and 3 am on each of my setups. I’d prefer that to be 2 am and 2:30 am.

I have my media files being used by my Roon ROCK at home on my Synology NAS, backed up to an internal HDD drive on my desktop PC, copied to a portable WD USB3 external drive, then copied onto an external WD USB3 drive used by my work Roon ROCK. I’m planning to add a WD USB3 external drive to my Roon ROCK at home as well. You can’t have too many copies of your media library.

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