Backing up ROCK 7i5 to SD card

Newish user here, and after a bunch of grooming on my music files, I decided to reinstall everything on my ROCK installation on a NUC 7i5.

Now that I’m more or less set, I figured time to get it backing up the database.

I’d like to do the backup to an SD card. When I go to set up the backup, I can’t find the card.

Sorry if this has been detailed, but I couldn’t find anything other than it being suggested that it works.

Does this really work with ROCK? If so, does it want the card formatted any particular way? (partition table yes/no, FAT32, ext4?). I don’t need help with the how to setup a card, just what it should be if it matters. Does size matter?

Where does the card show up when you browse for location to store the backup?

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Hi @Ken_Lesniak,

Using an SD card with ROCK is currently not supported. I would recommend posting your suggestion in the 'feature request" section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

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