Backup alert after installing iOS Roon Remote

latest Roon Core on latest MacOS

Airport Extreme -> 802.11ac MacBook Pro Roon Core (2015) -> Airport Express

Description Of Issue

Shortly after doing a Roon backup on MacOS, I downloaded and installed iOS Roon Remote on my iPhone 6S (current version iOS). After installation, an alert window appeared in your iOS app saying that I had not done a Roon backup and I could find no way to dismiss it other than to do another backup. After the backup, the alert window would not clear until I restarted the app. It would be helpful to your users if your iOS app could poll the Core for last backup info and suppress the display of the iOS alert window as appropriate, or at the very least, provide the iOS user with some way to dismiss the alert. Thank you.

Hi @TomJ,

Just to verify, things are currently working for you correctly (no backup alert), correct?

We appreciate the feedback here. I’ll pass this along to the technical team so they can investigate further.

Confirmed, the backup alert no longer displays after you do a Roon backup from your iOS app and then restart the app.

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