Backup and restore

Hello, everyone
I have two Roon licenses since today.
Now I would like to save my playlists, favourites, tags, bookmarks … etc. (create a backup), then switch to the second account and use Restore to save this data back there.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work … what am I doing wrong
or did I misunderstand the backup/restore functionality?

Hmm, a bit tricky to grasp.
Why don’t you put the text in your native language (Deutsch) into a translation service like or ?

Has the OP edited his original post as his question is perfectly clear?

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I am not wise on this topic but I believe the backup feature can’t be used to migrate your data to a new account. See this thread for details and advice on how to might be able to export / import your playlist.

He sure did. Glad he managed to.

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